All the great civilizations of the world are the treasure-trove of priceless mythological characters, immortal gods and goddesses. Ancient Egypt is no different from any other ancient civilizations like Greece, Sumerian, Rome, India, and China. A great civilization like Egypt has its own set of great gods and goddesses that virtually controlled every aspect of the daily life of ordinary people. Egyptian gods were so special that even the pharaohs and royal members of great Egypt established their reference to them. In fact, many people thought and believed that the great pharaoh himself was the reincarnation of god.

Many people today seeking to understand spiritual inclinations find themselves wondering about the deities that worshiped in ancient cultures.  Even though there were robust cultures long before Egypt, it is fair to say that their gods and goddesses are some of the first in recorded history. Therefore, you may find it useful to learn more about them and the things they were known for.

Individuals seeking to call upon Egyptian deities for ritual purposes should always keep in mind that the ancient Egyptians had some very specific ways of contacting these beings, as well as showing respect.  Aside from learning the names and characteristics of each deity, you should also make sure that you know how to approach them and communicate with them in a safe and useful way.  This may include obtaining proper magical tools as well as performing a series of rituals that will help improve clarity in communications.  Needless to say, when you are going to approach a spiritual entity, it is very important to keep in mind the nature of perspectives and perceptions.  At the very least, if the deity in question bears little resemblance to written descriptions, you will have a better chance of figuring out what is going on and navigating through the confusion.

The study of ancient Egypt reveals that there are a number of gods and goddesses each with great power and special characters of their own. Here is a comprehensive list of great god and goddesses of ancient Egypt:

The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

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