Strength Levels

All my spells can be cast in different strength levels. Every case is different, and so are the circumstances that surround my clients’ situations. Also, every client has different needs.

Why do you offer different strength levels?

Some clients want to solve very complex and complicated situations in a short amount of time, while others are on a budget and rather go for the more affordable option. All my spells are highly effective and potent, and all spells are 100% customized and personalized. The table below outlines the main differences in the strength levels. For detailed information on each strength level, please click on the ritual name below. I also offer Special Rituals for extremely hard to solve cases and emergency work.

The different Strength Levels

If you are not sure which strength level your situation/problem requires, please feel to contact me for a Free Case Analysis.

Click Here for a Case Analysis and Spell Recommendation!

Compare the different strength levels

Power Ritual ComboAmun Ra RitualCleopatra Spell
Pre-Spell AnalysisXXX
Blessing CeremoniesXXX
Biological MaterialsXXX
Rituals/Spells14 Rituals77 Rituals169 Rituals
Talisman includedXXX
Spiritual Shield7 Layers14 Layers14 Layers
Hex EradicatorXXX
Complicated SituationsXXX
Very Complicated SituationsXX
Spell Incubation Time*1 Month1 Week1 Day

* Incubation times can vary as each situation and each client is different.

How do I select a Strength Level?

It depends on your circumstances. The stronger the strength level, the more energies will work on your situation, and the more powerful the spell work will be. If you can afford a stronger spell, then please go for it, you will not regret it. If you are on a budget, but you still need highly effective spell work, then choose a more affordable strength level. All my spells, regardless of the strength level, are permanent, potent, and highly effective.

Benefits of stronger spells

  • Work faster
  • Better suited for complicated or complex situations

How do I order a Spell?

You will need to order the spell from my website. You can either order the strength level or a specific spell. For the spell-work, it does not make a difference in how you order it since all spells are 100% customized and personalized to your specific situation. After you have placed your order, you will need to fill out the Case Submission Form and send the required biological Materials to me. Please click here: How to Order for specific order instructions. It answers most questions you may have regarding the order process.

What do I need to send you?

It varies by strength level.

Where do I find the Special Spells?

These are my special spells; keep in mind that they are only needed for extremely hard cases and for people that have tried a lot of spell work, but nothing has worked for them.

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