Refund Policy & Guarantees

Refund and Return Policy

Unfortunately, there will be no refunds nor returns on all custom-made spells, rituals, and talismans such as Isis Spell, Power Ritual Combo, Amun-Ra Ritual, Cleopatra Spell, Horus Ritual, Hathor Ritual, Anuket Spell, Seth Spell, Bastet Spell, and Reinforcement Spell, etc. This is due to the fact that the ingredients used in my spells are very costly, rare, and are imported from various parts of the world. These precious ingredients can not be reused or resold for they are consumed by fire during the ritual ceremonies of your spell work. No exchanges or store credits will be made in those cases

Cancellation Charge

Since I already start preparing your spell and begin my intensive pre-spell rituals and ceremonies as soon as you submit your order there will be a cancellation charge if you change your mind. Should you decide to cancel your order after you have submitted a payment there will be a cancellation charge:

  • Power Ritual Combo: 200 US Dollars
  • Amun Ra Ritual: 330 US Dollars
  • Cleopatra Spell: 450 US Dollars
  • Reinforcement Spell: 20 US Dollars
  • Talisman: 20 US Dollars
  • Special Spells: 50% of the price


Truth be told, there are no guarantees of any kind within the spiritual realm due to the fact that it tends to be unpredictable at times. If anyone tells you otherwise, they must simply be telling you a TALL Tale. I make no promises nor do I guarantee miracles. However, rest assured and take refuge in the fact, that I guarantee you, that you will embark on a spiritual journey in the most safest, beneficial, and efficient manner. You will definitely receive authentic spiritual help that will bring the needed remedy to your situation, whatever it may be.

At any rate, if you have any doubts about me or my service, then my best advice to you is not to do this and move on with your life. I am not saying this to discourage you in any way. In all candor, honesty is my best policy. I do not convince anyone to purchase any of my services or products. If you cannot embark on this spiritual journey with the fact that there are no guarantees within the spiritual realm for it tends to be unpredictable at times, then this is not for you. Simply steer clear, or perhaps seek help elsewhere. No offense intended.

At any rate, if you are willing to embark on this with a positive outlook I guarantee you a pleasant spiritual journey like no other.

Let the wheel of magic spin towards your favor.

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