Osiris is very powerful god of the earth and green! Legend informs us that whenever he dies, there used to be a spell of severe draught. On the other hand, his miraculous birth brought great floods on the Nile River and subsequent lush green fields and harvest. He is also the all-important god-king, who presented the Egyptian civilization to the world. He is the first child of Nut and Geb. He is also brother to Seth, Nepthys and Isis. He is also a father to Horus and Anubis. Osiris also has a great influence on the occult of ancient Egypt. He was the great god of the dead and deceased and he must have possessed a human form to live on the earth. As an elder son to Geb, he inherited the throne, when Geb abdicated his kingship, at a time when early Egyptians were uncultured and barbarous.

On seeing this, Osiris mixed among those people and taught them how to grow food grains, worship gods and obey civilian laws. On the other hand, Thoth assisted him in redefining arts and basic concepts of science. Osiris is probably the greatest ruler who ruled the land with extreme kindness and compassion. Later, he appointed Isis as his second in command to travel to other lands, to teach more people about civilizations. However, Seth had other devious plans in his mind to acquire the entire kingdom from Isis. However, as soon as Osiris returned to his empire, Seth and his compatriots killed and threw his dead body into the Nile River, murdered him.

Isis with an active assistance from Nepthys, Anubis and Thoth located the body of Osiris from the river. Upon learning that the Osiris body in the river, the infuriated Seth tore it into fourteen different pieces and threw them all over the country. Isis was successful again to find all those fourteen parts of the body, except the phallus eventually eaten by fishes of Nile River. Isis used he magical powers to join and redesign Osiris’ body to make him impregnate her body to give birth to another Horus. After a lengthy trial lasting to more than 18 years, Isis was successful wrest the power and the Egyptian kingdom from Seth.

In his afterlife, Osiris led a life of compassion and affection, by admitting everyone to a place called Duat, a fertile and rich land where all good deceased people happily lived. Egyptians believed that Duat existed just below Nun, in the northern heavens or in the west. These events were so successful in their significance that Egyptians believed that Osiris always hinted at life and death, destruction and resurrection, and finally decay and rebirth. His association with the god of storms and desert, Seth also provided enough clues about the future events leading to a severe conflict between the fertile lands of Egypt and the most barren landscape of the west.

There were many festivals held in celebration of Osiris:

  • A November festival, celebrated Osiris’ immense beauty.
  • A festival of mourning called the “Fall of Nile” to signify sadness and bitterness.

Fact: When the holy river Nile reseeded during the time of draught, Egyptians went to the shore to offer gifts and grief over his death, while when the river started flooding, they offered their holy shrines to declare that the holy god is alive again. 
The holy name of Osiris has several meanings like:

  • Asar (A Greek form)
  • The Strength of the Eye
  • The one who sees the throne

“Unnefer” where Un is “to open” and neferu is “good and noble things”


Osiris was not only a merciful judge of the dead in the afterlife, but also the underworld agency that granted all life, including sprouting vegetation and the fertile flooding of the Nile River. He is described as the “Lord of love”,[7] “He Who is Permanently Benign and Youthful”[8] and the “Lord of Silence”…

Quote Source: Wikipedia

The Magic of Osiris

As many of you already know some of of the most potent spells include the powers of Osiris, the oldest gods in Egypt. Osiris is a god with much to bring to magic spell workings. Consort and brother to Isis and the father of Horus, Osiris is the god of the underworld, of the afterlife, and of the dead.  But while these titles seem to give Osiris an energy of pain or difficulty, this is not the same.  He is a merciful judge in the process of death, helping to gather the dead to the place of their final rest. This may sound scary, but it isn’t; in fact, Osiris is very peaceful and symbolizes love and light.

The Cycles of Osiris

As Osiris is linked with the idea of death and its place in the cycle of life, a magic spell using the name of Osiris might include the idea of movement and of progression.  All that once was will end someday, but as something ends, something new can begin as well.  The idea of new life began once Osiris died as the Nile began to flood each year, causing the crops to have the water they needed to grow.

Osiris the Dead

Osiris’ soul was also worshipped as he was already dead and this was not in physical form for much of the time of his popularity.  In a magic spell, calling upon the soul of Osiris would be appropriate.  Osiris was also able to look at those who were ready to enter the underworld to see if they had lived a good life.  If they had, they were welcomed, but if they had not, they might be punished for the deeds committed while on earth.

A Shepherd

For some, Osiris is thought to also be a shepherd for the people, helping to herd tribes from the Upper Nile.  The crook he carries signifies this purpose, but it later became the symbol for authority and power – and kings and leaders began to take this item as a sign of their rule.

In my magic spells Osiris helps to let go of the bad, the negative and the obstacles and helps to introduce the good and the positive. It is very beneficial in love related matters where negative feelings, resentment and anger are involved.

Please understand that there is nothing evil, demonic or bad about Osiris.

Correspondences of Osiris

  • Sacred Animals: Cattle, Cat, Gorilla, Goose, Crocodile
  • Element: Water
  • Color: Black, green
  • Planets: Pluto, Sun
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Plants: Frankincense, Blackberry, Ivy, Acacia, Willow, Cedar
  • Celebration: Ostara

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