The great Greek pharaoh Ptolemy the first, created Serapis, who was also an anthromorphic god. In fact, he chose this god to be the official god of Egypt and Greece. Serapis had great qualities of both Egyptian and Hellensitic origin. In fact, Serapis became immensely popular across the length and breadth of the country, with its center at the great city of Alexandria. Some experts still believe that this god had its origins in the Asia Minor. However, there is a strong proof that concludes that Serapis had its roots in a sacred bull of Memphis, Osorapis. Osorapis was a peasant god, whose popular cult insisted on the Egyptian’s earnest belief in life and death.

Many Greek gods of yesteryears, Zeus, Helios, Dionysos, Hades and Aesculapius, exerted an immense influence on Serapis, by providing their special characters and attributes. The Greek illustrations show Serapis with a long beard and lengthy hair. He is also resting on his throne with three-headed dog of Cerebrus lying at his feet. On the other hand, in Egyptian images, he is the god with a mollified human face with the excellent bead of a bull.


Serapis or Sarapis was a Graeco-Egyptian god. He was invented during the 3rd century BC at the orders of Ptolemy I of Egypt as a means to unify the Greeks and Egyptians in his realm…

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