Early Egyptians believed that Anukhet or Anuket was the goddess of Nile River of Bibia region. There was a great temple for her in the region of Islabd of Seheil. Because of the commercial importance of River Nile, she called herself as the embracer of the river, meaning a god who provides nourishment of the Nile River. Her other titles are, giver of life, and she who shoots forth. Generally, historians believe that Anuket was the daughter of Khnum and Satis, who are the original benefactors of the River Nile.

Two tributaries of the River Nile are the two stretched arms of the goddess Anuket. Egyptians believed that Anuket provided plenty of food to the country, and thus there was a Festival of Anuket celebrated in her honor. People always used throw precious stones, gold, coins and grains into the river as a mark of respect. People also made it a point to not to eat the fish caught during this time.


Anuket was the first ancient Egyptian goddess of the Nile river in areas like Elephantine Island, at the start of the Nile’s journey through Egypt, and in nearby parts of Nubia. Her temple was built at the Island of Seheil….”

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Anuket Correspondences

  • Attributes: Papyrus scepter; Cowrie Shell
  • Element: Water
  • Bird: Red Parrot

Feast and Holy Days

July 25th – Welcoming the Rising of the Nile: Feast of Anuket

Her festival was less formally with public rituals, people would eat fish in her honor. It was one of the only days that eating fish was allowed.

Credit: “Anuket” by Jeff Dahl – Own work. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons

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