A highly powerful god, Min could bestow and make men more virile, potent and sexually active. He was also the ultimate power of nature; by birth, he was a god of incessant rain.

The presiding pharaoh created a special festival for him called Min festival; the great pharaoh would water his agricultural fields, as the god Min inspected the rituals.

His images show that he was sporting a beard with his legs set close together, while his head housing a piece of head dress. His sacred animal was a huge, whitish bull, while unique personal plant was the long lettuce.

Min is a pre-dynastic god, who existed before the advent of great royal families. In the years of the New Kingdom of middle ages, he came closer to Amun Ra.

Min was very popular in the deltaic city of Chemmis and Koptos.


As a god of fertility, he was shown as having black skin to reflect the fertile black mud of the Nile’s inundation. His cult was strongest in Coptos and Akhmim (Panopolis), where in his honour great festivals were held celebrating his “coming forth” with a public procession and presentation of offerings….”

Quote Source: Wikipedia

Image: Min by Jeff Dahl Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

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