Also spelled as Amonet, Amaunet, Amentet, Amentit, Imentet, Imentit, and Ament. Amunet is supposed to be the feminine form of Amun! Originally, a god form of the all-important natural component, the air, Amaunet represents a class of primordial nature; Amun’s name means “hidden”, that is invisible to the naked eye. In classical terms, Amaunet is a snake god or a snake headed woman god, just because she was originally an androgynous character.

Ancient Egyptians believed that Amaunet as the mother of nature and creation and she was connected with the acacia tree, from which the life was said to have originated in Egypt. She is also the creator goddess with an extraordinary power to procreate with out the help of male half! She also represented the dark side of the life or the underworld and thus the name “hidden” provided to her. Eventually, Egyptians regarded her as the wife of the god Amun. As she was also the goddess of air, people also gave different names to her, as a woman with a hawk or Ostrich feather on her head. She also represented one of the four directions and she signifies the western side of the earth.


Amunet, Amaunet, or Amonet was a primordial goddess in Ancient Egyptian religion. She is a member of the Ogdoad and the consort of Amun. Her name, meaning “the female hidden one”, was simply the feminine form of Amun’s own name….”

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