Thoth is the ultimate god of wisdom, knowledge and learning; he is a self-created god during the beginning of creation along with goddess Maat.

Two of them produced eight children, the most important among them being god Amon. Thoth is an accomplished writer and the official courtier of the afterworld. In fact, he wrote The Book of the Dead that is still one of the finest ancient books written.

Thoth and Maat stood guard on the side of Re, during his journey to the afterworld. Experts still believe that they steered the ship towards its journey’s end. The Book of Thoth written by Thoth contains many chapters on magical and hermetic arts. Thoth made it a mandatory point to attend all-important religious functions of the country.


Thoth was often considered to be the heart—which, according to the ancient Egyptians, is the seat of intelligence or the mind—and tongue of the sun god Ra, as well as the means by which Ra’s will was translated into speech…”

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God Thoth Correspondences

  • Sacred Animals: Ibis, Baboon, Lizard
  • Color: White
  • Element: Air
  • Planets: Moon, Mercury
  • Zodiac: Gemini, Libra
  • Plants: Bamboo
  • Celebration: Mabon
  • Days: God Thoth rules the equinoxes.

Thoth Holy Days, Festivals, Ceremonies and Feast Days

  • July 1st (Month of Thoth)
  • July 19th (Feast of Thoth)
  • August 6th (Chief Festival of Thoth)
  • August 20th (Thoth Heals the Eye of Horus)
  • October 23rd (Ceremony of Thoth)
  • December 13th (Day of Oaths to Thoth)
  • January 24th (Thoth Comes Forth)
  • January 27th (Thoth and the Spirits Go Forth)
  • April 3rd (Day of Counting of Thoth)
  • May 14th (Thoth Appears)

Feast of Thoth

The Feast of Thoth gave the whole month its name. It signifies a happy day in heaven in front of Re. The Great Ennead is a great festivity.

How to honor Toth:

  • Burn incense on the fire. It is the day of receiving. It is the day of going forth of Thoth.
  • Prayer or divinatory time: Dawn

Thoth Prayer or Invocation

Such was all-knowing Tahuti [Thoth], who saw all things,

and seeing understood,

and understanding has the power to disclose

and to give explanation.

For what he knew, he graved on stone;

Yet though he graved them onto stone he hid them mostly…

The sacred symbols of the cosmic elements

he hid away hard by the secrets of Osms

… keeping sure silence,

that every younger age of cosmic time might seek for them.

(Kore Kosmu – G SR Meade translation)

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