There are many magical practices that are based upon the phases and activity of the moon, and, in fact, there is magic in which the phases of the moon are paramount in the practice of the moon magic.

While the phases of the moon have no significance in Egyptian Witchcraft, they can help you with your own magic and intensifying the flow of positive energy towards your goals and wishes.

Not all forms of magic consider the moon essential to their spell workings. In Egyptian Magic, the Moon Phases are not considered in spell casting. However, they are very important in harvesting, preparing, and, most importantly, the blessing ceremonies of materials and ingredients.

The Phases of the Moon

The Moon Phases

The New Moon

New MoonFor example, in a new moon, the first two days of the moon cycle, magic is generally performed between dawn and sunset.  The power of the new moon is not very strong, but the moon magic spells have a great deal of power that gradually increases as time goes on.  Goddesses and some gods are invoked to make these spells work, which is focused on gardening, careers, and romance.

The Waxing Moon

Waxing MoonA waxing crescent moon comes next.  The moon is about 45-90 degrees ahead of the sun.  The greatest strength is at the midpoint of the crescent and moon magic spells are focused on business, animals, emotions, change, and matriarchal strength.

The first quarter of the moon in which sunset is the best time to perform moon magic spells and moon magic love spells.  This is the best time to fulfill a specific request.  It also works for the ascertainment of love (moon magic love spells), wealth, courage, success, friendship health, and luck.  The moon has different powers at different stages of its cycle, and this is the best time for the above wishes and spells.

The Full Moon

Full MoonA waxing gibbous moon takes the moon to its full moon status.  It means that you must be patient and wait for the coming of the full moon.  Spells can be done before this time and can wait for completion at the time of the full moon.  When the moon is then full, it rises at sunset and sets at dawn so that midnight is the best time for the moon magic spells to be performed.  The full moon spells include those that help fulfill prophesy, protection, and divination.  A spell that needs extra power is done at the time of the full moon in order to maximize the power of the moon magic spell.

The Waning Moon

Waning MoonAs the moon is waning, the best time to do spells is at 3 a.m.    This is the time of banishing of certain things, including addiction, decisions, emotions, stress, protection, and divorce.  When the moon is truly waxing in the last quarter, the crescent shape is turned toward the west.  Moon magic spells focus on resolving something in your life.  The conclusion is the focus of this type of moon magic spell.  It is used to banish magic or to get rid of an addiction, negativity, or illness.  When the moon is dark, 10 am is the best time to perform a moon magic spell.

Special Types of Moon

Blue MoonThere are two special types of moon situations. The first is the Sidhe moon, which occurs when two new moons occur in any given calendar month.  It is time for relaxation and a time of reflection.  A Blue Moon is the second of two full moons in a calendar month.  It is a time to reflect on the full moon, particularly as it exists in the Otherworld.

Using Moon Magic to Enhance your Love Spells

Using Moon Magick is common in various forms of spiritual practices, including Wicca and Witchcraft.  In following the cycles of the moon, you can increase the power of a spell, or even intensify the effects of a spell. By harnessing the powers of the moon, you can enhance your love life, attract love, and even fix a broken relationship.  Since the moon is constant in the sky, Moon spells are ritual, which will not only work for you but continue to work for you as the moon rises and sets.  Not only can the moon change the course of the tides, but it can change the course of your love life as well.

What is Moon Magic?

Using the moon as a guide for magic is not uncommon.  Since the dawn of time, people have been looking to the moon for guidance and for help with their troubles.  This glowing orb in the sky has seemed to change the way that the tides came in and out, and so people realized the moon had the power to change their lives as well. In doing lunar magic, a person could work with the growing or the shrinking shape of the moon, helping to bring in or take away the things they wanted in their lives. Though the moon may not seem to be able to play matchmaker in the world, it can certainly help a person who is struggling with love.

Following the Tides for Love

Moon Love Spells

The in and out rhythm of the tides is the perfect setting for moon love spells. With each movement, the love you want can be pulled toward you or pushed away.  Recognizing that the tides change and that the energy of the moon changes during the course of the month, you can begin to see how moon love spells work.  Since relationships can also become stronger or weaker over time, using lunar energy will allow you to capture the energy you want to grow in your relationship.  For example, you might want to bring love to you, so you might do a spell when the tides are coming into the shore.  In noticing the energetic changes of the planet, you can then change the forces of love in your life too.

Waxing and Waning Love Spells

As the moon’s size changes in the sky, you can use that in your moon love spells as well.  When you want your love’s problems to go away, you might want to use the lunar energy during the waning part of the moon’s cycle.  If you want to grow love in your life or make things happier again, you will want to use the lunar energy during the waxing part of the moon cycle.  By acknowledging the changes in the moon, you can make changes in your love life as well.

Restoring the Balance with Moon Magic

In the end, you can change the course of your love life with Moon love spells.  While you might be having trouble in your relationship, the moon is constantly there to help you through any sorts of love troubles.  While it might seem that you are unable to do anything to help a certain problem, this is far from the case.  You can follow the moon to your dreams of love and watch those dreams come true, even when you are awake. You don’t have to wait for the Man in the Moon to smile upon your love life. No matter how difficult your love life might seem, adding some lunar energy to your spells can further help your situation and spell work.

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