What I will Do for You

After you have placed your order

Once you have submitted your order and payment, I will immediately create a file for your case and set up a candle ceremony for you in my ritual room. This ceremony will open the path for the spiritual work and attracts positive energies towards you and your wish. Even if your biological materials have not been received at this point, the pre-spell process will already start, and you may feel the presence of potent positive energies. Some clients even receive the first positive results at this stage.

Case Analysis

Once I have your information, wish list, biological materials, pictures, etc., I will analyze your situation and goals in a profound manner. This includes extensive shell and energy readings and includes the identification of all unfortunate circumstances, root causes, underlying issues, spiritual influences, blockages, as well as all external factors that influence your current situation.

Pre-Spell Preparations

I will then gather and prepare all the ingredients for your specific spell and customize and personalize them to your unique situation. This step takes into consideration all the findings that were revealed to me during the shell and energy readings. Keep in mind that my spells not only work on influencing the outcome of your situation, but also the removal of all root causes and spiritual blockages. Spell work is most successful when it is built on a clean and solid foundation.

Extensive gathering and blessing ceremonies of all materials and ingredients will be performed.

Bear in mind that this process can take from 1 to 10 business days. So do not expect to hear from me until the mentioned above procedure is completed.

Spell Casting Process

As soon as the pre-spell procedure has been completed, the spell casting process begins, and at this point, I will notify you via email.

The spell casting process takes place in several sessions that greatly depend on the strength level you have ordered. Most sessions take place in the dark of night and include extensive offering ceremonies to Isis, Amun-Ra, Cleopatra, Ramses, Osiris, and Horus. The powerful energy-build-up during my rituals creates a potent force that will instantly work on your situation at hand, cleanses your spiritual path, and attracts positive energies into your life that will work on fulfilling your request.

Preparation of your Spell Talisman/Fetish

Upon completion of the spell work, a talisman is prepared for you. The talisman serves as the utter reinforcement of your spell and will stupendously strengthen and complete the spell I have cast on your behalf. The talisman is super-charged with spiritual energies. By touching it for the first time with your bare hands, you are completing the circle of magic, and you can actually feel the magic and energies working for you.

Final Blessing Ceremonies

Once the Talisman has been created and prepared, the final blessing ceremonies will take place. These ceremonies also include the creation of a spiritual shield that will not only protect the spell work but also yourself and your spiritual path. During my final blessing ceremonies, I will bless the work that was performed on your behalf and perform additional energy readings to ensure that your wishes have been accepted by the universe.

No Talisman will be mailed to you until it has passed my strict quality standard. I want you to have a positive, highly beneficial, and successful spiritual journey with me. Please know that your happiness and well-being are of utmost important to me.

Sending you the Talisman

Once everything has been completed, and the Talisman has dried, it will be shipped to you via FedEx. At this point, you will receive an order completion and shipment confirmation email, which includes the FedEx tracking number. The Talisman comes with very easy instructions; please make sure you follow the instructions correctly. No worries, the instructions are extremely easy to follow. All Talismans are shipped in plain, confidential packaging. There is nothing on my return address or package to indicate the nature of the product. All orders are shipped via FedEx, and I do not ship to P. O. Boxes.

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