While Cleopatra was the ruler of Egypt, she realized that her people wanted to deify her – and with good reason.  She became known as the last Queen, and the last protector of her people.  To help her connect with her people, she took on many of the powers of Isis, even proclaiming herself to be the ‘New Isis’ for the people in the lands.

The Magic of Cleopatra

Cleopatra’s strength is what guided her in her leadership over the people.  Using a magic spell with Cleopatra’s name allows you to get the same protection and mothering energy.  Cleopatra watches over the people and wants to keep them safe and happy.  However, in doing so, she was forced to make a difficult decision – to kill her brother Ptolemy.

The Love of Cleopatra’s Life

The story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra is one that has been immortalized in film and in song, as their love was deep and strong.  Together, they bore a set of twins and they ruled the lands of Rome and Egypt together.  Their power was great, but they were not without tragedy.  Antony was beat in a sea battle off the coast of Greece and then later committed suicide.

The Sadness of Cleopatra

Cleopatra’s love and devotion to her lover were so great that she decided to kill herself do instead of facing defeat or humiliation.  She killed herself with the bite of a cobra, signaling the end of the Empire of the Pharaohs.  In this act, we see that her greatest magic spell offering is her commitment to love and to seeing it honored.

A magic spell with Cleopatra can be used for love situations in which you feel helpless or powerless.  You always have the power to do something, even if the action is difficult.  Cleopatra will aid you and watch over you.

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