1. About Aisha and her Spells

1. Why should I work with you?

First of all, you are not under any obligation to buy anything from me. In fact, there are several thousands of services out there and I am sure there are many that can help you. Just remember you came to me because you are having a problem that I will most definitely solve for you. I will absolutely not convince you to buy anything from me. You and only you have to make that decision (free will). Use your common sense and follow your instinct. If it does not feel right and you are having doubts, don’t do it. A spiritual journey has to feel right.

2. What makes you different from other spell casters/practitioners?

The difference between me and other providers is the potency of my spells and their overwhelming, expedient results. Keep in mind that I am one of the very few spell casters that not only customizes your spell but also personalizes it. Besides pictures and birth dates, I also include your biological materials (such as your hairs, nails, tears, etc.) into your spell. Biological materials in spells help to make your intentions all the stronger. When your body is a part of the ritual, you aren’t just an outsider to the process – you’re invested in the spell: body, mind, and spirit. For most people, this is the only way a spell will ever work for them. The same applies to the talismans that I create during the spell casting process and will then send to you via FedEx. By touching it for the first time with your bare hands, you are completing the circle of magic, and you can actually feel the magic and energies working for you.

3. What kind of gift are you blessed with?

Extreme sensitivity to supernatural forces. Profound knowledge and expertise in pharaonic magic. Over 47 years of experience. Click here to get to know me.

4. Do you guarantee results?

Truth be told, there are no guarantees of any kind within the spiritual realm due to the fact that it tends to be unpredictable at times. If anyone tells you otherwise, they must simply be telling you a TALL Tale. I make no promises nor do I guarantee miracles. However, rest assured and take refuge in the fact, that I guarantee you, actual spell work will be undertaken for you in the most safest, beneficial, and efficient manner. You will definitely receive authentic spiritual help that will bring the needed remedy to your situation, whatever it may be.

5. Is this real?

It is as real as the warmth of sunshine on your shoulders.

6. Why do you provide this service?

This service is provided to you, the general public, for the first time in over 47 years. Usually, I only deal with people I know in person. I have helped people from all over the world for the last 47 years.

The reason why I am providing this service is to help you help yourselves.

7. How long does it take to get an answer from you?

It normally takes 1-3 business days. Please make sure to enter the correct email address into the email form. Unfortunately, some clients provide incorrect email addresses and cannot receive our replies.

8. What is a Case Analysis and Spell Recommendation?

During a case analysis, I will analyze your problem, the current situation as well as all the energies that surround the situation and caused the problem. The goal of such an analysis is to find the cause of the problem and to see if it can be solved by using magic. In many cases, the case analysis will reveal the root causes and problems that can then be removed by using spell work. Please keep in mind that a case analysis should not be confused with a psychic reading, tarot reading, fortunetelling, etc. I am not a psychic or a fortuneteller… I am a Witch!

2. Working with Aisha

1. How high is the success rate of your spells?

Please keep in mind that every situation is different so results may vary. At any rate, everyone gets a positive outcome. If you embark on a spiritual journey with me I will not rest until you have received a positive outcome. The stronger the spell, the higher is the success rate. This is due to the fact that stronger energies are capable of producing quicker and more powerful changes and results.

2. What is the incubation period for your spells?

* Incubation times can vary as each situation and each client is different.

3. Does it always take the same time frame for everyone to get their results?

No, results do vary from an individual to another. Some get their results faster than others. It all depends on the situation at hand and the people involved.

4. Why do you offer different strengths level?

There are a variety of reasons. Every case is different and so are the circumstances that surround my clients’ situations. Also, every client has different needs. Some clients want to solve very complex and complicated situations in a short amount of time, while others are on a budget and rather go for the more affordable option. All my spells are highly effective and potent and all spells are 100% customized and personalized. To compare the different strengths levels please click here.

5. Why do I have to send in biological materials?

Authentic spiritual help requires your biological materials. They are needed when you hire a practitioner or spell caster to cast a spell on your behalf. In order for me to connect you and your wishes to the universe, they are of utter importance. Click here for details.

6. What happens to my biological materials after the work is done?

Your biological samples are consumed by fire during the spell casting ritual, therefore, cannot be returned or accounted for.

7. What is the purpose of a Talisman/Fetish?

A Talisman that is prepared by me is an object or material proven to have magical powers. In this case, the Talisman that you will receive is the utter reinforcement, which will stupendously strengthen and complete the spell I have cast on your behalf.

8. What do I have to do with the Spell Talisman?

That all depends on the nature of the problem that you are having. Every Talisman I mail out will come with specific instructions. Basically, the instructions will entail how to activate it and where to put it… it’s very simple. You will need to light a candle for 1 hour after you activate the talisman. Therefore you should have a new white candle (tea light is fine) available. There are no specific instructions for the candle, except that the candle should be white. Aromatherapy or specialty candles are acceptable.

9. Are the results permanent?

Yes! The results are permanent.

9. How long does it take to get my order?

It depends on the strength level you have ordered. In most cases it takes 1-10 business days after the materials have been received.

3. Order Process and Payments

1. How do I order your spell casting services?

You will have to place the order through my website, no matter which payment method you’ll choose. You will then send off all the required materials for your spell. Please click here to read the step by step instructions on how to order my spells.

2. What kind of Materials do I have to send you?

This depends on the strength level you have selected:

  • Materials needed for the Power Ritual Combo – Click here
  • Materials needed for the Amun Ra Ritual – Click here
  • Materials needed for the Cleopatra Spell – Click here
  • Materials needed for the Power of Horus – Click here
  • Materials needed for the Power of Anuket – Click here
  • Materials needed for the Power of Hathor – Click here
3. Which Payment Options do you offer?

I do accept bank transfers (bank to bank), credit card payments and Paypal. Keep in mind that you must place your order through my shopping cart system, no matter which payment method you may choose. I do not accept personal checks or Western Union (no exceptions will be made).

4. I don’t have a credit card. How do I order your spells?

You may pay via Paypal or transfer the money to my bank account via a Wire Transfer (Bank to Bank). You can find details information to the order process and the payment options here: https://www.egyptian-witchcraft.com/how-to-order/

5. I am living outside the US; can I still use your service?

Yes you can, I have clients from all over the world.

6. Can I write you in other languages than English?

You certainly may. You can write to me in EnglishFrenchArabic and German… I am fluent in all the languages that I have mentioned here.

7. How old do I have to be to use your service?

You must be an adult.

Do I need a consultation or can I just go ahead and place the order?

If you know what you want, then please go ahead and place your order. The order process is explained in detail here: https://www.egyptian-witchcraft.com/how-to-order/ Please take the time to read it. It answers most of the questions you may have.

What can I do if my country is not listed in the shopping cart?

If your country is not listed in the shopping cart please contact me.

4. General Questions

1. Will I get bad Karma for doing this?

No, you will not get any bad karma for using my spells and services. I am not hurting anyone here (white magic). At any rate, you will most definitely get bad karma if you use any voodoo spells or black magic spells. That is an immutable hard fact of life.

2. Will your spells backfire on me?

Absolutely not. I’m not hurting anyone on your behalf.

3. On what scientific basis does your magic work?

Honestly, there is no scientific basis to prove that magic works or does not work for that matter. As you know, I am not a scientist. However, understand the fact that I’m truly a genuine spiritual worker. As far as scientific evidence or details are concerned, nobody can prove that.

4. Does the personal information I provide you with remain confidential?

All your personal requests and information will go to the grave with me. No one reads your letters, but I and I mean no one…

5. Do religious rituals have effect on your magic?

No, religious believes and rituals have no influence on my spells (white magic) whether you’re Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or whatever religion you happen to practice. Your religious practices, praying, and reading holy books does not have any effect on my magic.

6. What are the most common requests?

I’d say the most common requests are love, returning lovers, removing problems in marriages and relationships, stopping adultery, attraction, prosperity, luck, and career.

8. What happens if I do not get any positive results?

This is very unlikely, but if it should happen, I will need you to get in touch with me right away. I will need to find out why this is happening and will re-analyze your situation as well as check on the energies of your spell. In most cases, an additional ceremony (free of charge) will get the spell going quickly. Just do not wait longer than the 3 months to notify me about the lack of positive changes and results. Time is of the essence.

9. Do you offer this service to everybody?

Yes, this service is available to all adults.

Any conditions? Are there any cases you are refusing?

I will not hurt any human being for your pleasure. However, I can open their eyes and intensify their feelings. Don’t ask me to hurt someone for you because I will not, no matter what. If you have problems with somebody and you are looking for revenge – this service won’t help you.

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