Wicca is a newer form of witchcraft—modern witchcraft—that was popularized in the 1950s by a man by the name of Gerald Gardner. It had been practiced, however, since the early 1900s, particularly in England.

Wiccans are practitioners of Wicca and they believe in the worship of two gods—a god and a goddess that are together the entirety of the Godhead. The goddess is seen as the Triple Goddess and the god is seen as the Horned God. There are other deities honored in Wicca as well.

Wiccans practice a form of magic, belong to covens that share information between Wiccans and celebrate eight different festivals or holidays.

Different Types of Wicca

There is more than one form of Wicca. There is Gardnerian Wicca, Alexandrian Wicca and British Traditional Wicca, among others. Some forms of Wicca would rather we call them witches and their practice simply “Witchcraft”.

If you say someone is a Wiccan, you cannot definitely describe what it is that they believe because the different types of Wicca believe somewhat different things. They have different views on the afterlife, on magical beliefs, on morality and on theology. You would have to ask them what type of Wicca they practice in order to understand completely their beliefs.

The God and Goddess

Most Wiccans believe in a god and goddess that are both parts of the total god. This is called duotheism. The goddess is symbolized as governing the earth and the moon. This is the polar opposite of the god, who is considered to be an aspect of the sun. The god governs the life cycle, hunting, sexuality, wilderness and nature. The god has different names, depending on the culture but is often called Pan, Cernunnos, Karnayna or Atho. He is sometimes just called the Sun God. This god is often worshipped during the festival of the Litha, also known as the summer solstice. The god is believed to rule over spring and summer (the Oak King) and autumn and winter (as the Holly King).

The goddess portion of Wicca belief is seen as the Triple Goddess, which represents the maiden, the mother and the old woman or crone. She is seen to oversee the Moon. There are those who practice Wicca who see the goddess as pre-eminent over the god because she conceives all things. The god is considered to be simply the spark of life within her. In some feminist Wiccan belief systems, the god is not worshipped in the slightest and only the goddess is remembered. More about Gods and Goddesses.

The Wiccan Belief

Wiccans have different beliefs in the afterlife. Many believe in reincarnation. It is believed that we reincarnate over and over again in order to learn lessons we need to learn and to become spiritually advanced. Other Wiccans believe we reincarnate into different species but have the same soul.

Some say that you only reincarnate into another witch and remain a witch through all your lives. They believe there is an afterworld or “otherworld” in which the soul resides between lives. Wiccans believe you can contact someone in the afterlife who is in the otherworld by using Ouija boards or mediums. The holiday of Samhain (Halloween) is a time when the film between the otherworld and this world is very thin, making it a good time to meet with those who have passed on.

The Practice of Wicca

Those who practice Wicca also practice magic, through witchcraft or sorcery. The sometimes practice magic in the form of covens, where they practice magic together. Wiccans often believe that magic is just one of the laws of nature that is simply misunderstood by those in conventional science. They don’t see magic as supernatural but as part of the natural order of things. Some Wiccans believe they know how magic works and others believe only in the practice of magic but don’t understand how it operates.

Wicca Spells

Wicca magic spells should never come from malice and hatred. These spells are meant to coincide with the natural to bring forth well comings and good tidings. There are various publications available from which you can collect some useful Wicca magic spells including love spells and success spells that can assist you in living a happy life.

Performing Wicca magic spells will involve specific chants to be recited per the instructions a specific number of times. If you do not follow through with the rituals, you cannot expect for it to work the way you desire. Improperly performing the spells can cause problems and even harm to you or others so it is important for those of you who are inexperienced to find a spell caster that can assist you properly. Click here to contact me for a Case Analysis and Spell Recommendation.

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