He is the chief god and the guardian of the great city of Memphis. He is the creator god, who created people by just thinking of them with his own mind and uttering their names with his own tongue. He is also an intellectual god with an extremely sharp brain and intellect. In all, he was the heart and tongue of everything in Egypt, including humans and animals.

Ptah was also the main patron for all skilled artisans and architects of Egypt. Ptah was himself an excellent architect and his works included excellently crafted bodies of divine royal classes. In the city of Memphis, God Ptah was the member of a triumvirate of three gods; his wife was the lioness-goddess Sekhmet, and his son was either Imhotep or Nefertem. Ptach was a bearded man with a skullcap and a mummy like shroud over his entire body.


In Egyptian mythology, Ptah was the deification of the primordial mound in the Ennead cosmogony, which was more literally referred to as Ta-tenen (also spelled Tathenen, Tatjenen, etc), meaning risen land, or as Tanen, meaning submerged land, though Tatenen was a god in his own right, before being assimilated with Ptah…

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