Reinforcement Spell


A Reinforcement Spell will work in conjunction with the ritual that you have ordered. It’s designed with an aim of strengthening the energies, speeding up the process and includes several additional sessions of extensive ritual work.  It includes several additional sessions of extensive ritual work and can be added to your spell at any time. The reinforcement rituals will be based on the exact information that you will submit via the online form within the shopping cart during the order process. The rituals will be 100% customized to your current situation and you may include new details into your update.





What a Reinforcement Spell can do for you

  • It will immediately strengthen the energies of your existing spell
  • It will produce positive changes as early as 7 days after the reinforcement spell has been performed
  • It will speed up the process and helps your wishes to manifest.

What is included in the Reinforcement Spell?

  • Analysis of your current situation with extensive Energy and Shell Readings
  • Gathering and Blessing Ceremony of all materials and ingredients
  • Rare ingredients and materials for your ritual
  • Extensive Ritual Sessions
  • Final Energy Reading
  • Personal notification from me upon completion of the spell work.

How to order the Reinforcement Spell

You will have to follow the order process and fill out all the information you are asked for. This includes an update to what has happened since your spell was cast. You can pay for the reinforcement spell via credit card, echeck, money order (US customers only), or Paypal. No matter, what method of payment you may choose, you will have to follow the process by adding the spell into the cart.

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