An important goddess of Egyptian civilization, entire Egyptian culture adored Mut as the “mother” of all pharaohs. In her earlier avatar, she was the female counterpart of Nun. While in the great city of Thebes, she replaced Amaunet to become the wife of the great god, Amon. Mut’s son, Khonsu, was the resident god of the moon. Along with Khonsu and Amon, she formed a triumvirate of great gods of Thebes that would dominate the whole kingdom for more than 1500 years. Mut is a self-created god who gave birth to herself and not any other!

Mut wore a double crown of North and the South, with a papyrus scepter and an ankh is her hands. In other images, she is a woman who is standing upright. The colorful feather of Maat lies on her feet. She has a phallus, a pair of wings and sharp claws of a lion. She was a well-known god of Asher in the great city of Thebes, while her temple, Het-Mut was lying a wee bit down south of that of Amun-Ra.


Mut, which meant mother in the ancient Egyptian language,[1] was an ancient Egyptian mother goddess with multiple aspects that changed over the thousands of years of the culture. Alternative spellings are Maut and Mout. She was depicted as a white vulture most often…

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