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Testimonials found on have been sent to us by clients and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience. All results vary depending on the case and the situation at hand.

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Feeling so positive

Hi, I have ordered a spell and since I have I have been feeling so much more positive that things will be okay for me. I have been down and out for over a year and in the space of a few days my spirits have been lifted. I feel so ready to enjoy life again. I do not believe Aisha has even received my package but just knowing and believing my situation would be sorted has made me ready to live and love. I cannot wait for the spell to actually be casted it can only be onwards and upwards from here on.

Mindy, M.

Spiritual help that is real, authentic and powerful

I will never forget the day I came home and my FedEx package was being delivered. I signed for it and couldn’t wait to open it. I went inside my bedroom and opened it. I retrieved my talisman, and the minute I touched it, this sudden surge of energy rushed through my entire body. I felt warm, happy, very calm, and at peace.

The feeling was so intense and, so real, and no, I was not dreaming! It was only 3:30 PM. I have never felt anything of this nature in my entire life. It was a supernatural force. It was undeniable. There was nothing ominous about this feeling; it was warm, reassuring, protecting, loving. I have never forgotten it.

Now I think it is time for me to share my story with you. My name is Katty, and about 12 months ago, My fiancee decided to end things between us. It was so abrupt; I didn’t even have the time to think. The man I have loved with all my heart has suddenly decided to end our relationship and engagement. We were due to get married in less than 3 weeks. He basically shattered my heart into minuscule pieces by simply saying that he does not love me anymore and does not feel anything for me. He ended it so fast, I had a nervous breakdown and ended up in the hospital. I could not breathe without him. My life had no meaning without him. He vanished while I was hospitalized. I could not believe that he would abandon me the way he did, but he did. He was cold-hearted and didn’t care about me or how I felt for that matter. His phone was disconnected, he quit his job, he vanished. I needed answers, I needed closure, I just couldn’t let go without knowing why. This is going to sound a bit corny, but yeah, I did it. I hired a private investigator to find Patrick. I was utterly shocked to find out that my Patrick has moved in with a woman whom is 13 years older than him. they were a couple living under the same roof. The pictures don’t lie. I saw them holding hands in the park. Kissing in the car, camping together. I felt rejected, undesired, unwanted, it broke my soul in every way. I tried to make contact with Patrick but to no avail. I contacted several so-called psychics and spell casters. They just took my money and never asked me to send in anything. I was scammed 4 times. So I decided to do real research. I contacted Ms. Aisha, and during the first consultation, she informed me that Patrick broke it off with me because he had no control over it. I found out that Patrick had a spell cast on him by this older woman who, by the way, happens to be his coworker. Ms. Aisha told me that this woman has broken my man’s will. He basically became her little puppet. She had cast 2 spells on him; one was black magic, and the other was some sort of Santeria.

Time was of the essence, so I decided to go for the customized Cleopatra spell. I am so glad that I did.
This is what happened. 3 days after I received the talisman from Ms. Aisha, I received a call from Patrick! I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. He asked to see me as soon as possible. He came over later that night, he cried like a baby in my arms, begging me for forgiveness. He said that he was lost and that this woman had done something to him. He stayed over that night, and we made passionate love all night. It was pure, true love.

About a week later, Patrick moved back in with me, as to the evil woman, she got what she deserved, she was fired from her job and was never seen or heard from ever since. We are now happily married and are expecting our first child this year. Thank you, Ms. Aisha for bringing my man back.

Please don’t get scammed like I have. I now know that a spell will never work without biological samples, and the most important thing is the talisman. Without the charged talisman, you have nothing. You need to know that the talisman is charged with all the spell energies, and once you touch it like I did, you complete the circle of magic. If you truly need spiritual help that is real, authentic, and powerful, you owe it to your selves to work with Ms. Aisha. She is truly a gifted woman.

Katty, Vermont

Going through a very rough time

I am a new client here and am trying not to be too anxious while I await the completion of my spell work and talisman. I am going through a very rough time with my love of 12 years and we do have children involved as well. I have every faith that this will work for me after reading all the comments here.

Some days it is hard to keep up the positive attitude and some days I just want to cry but keep coming back here to get some uplifting help by reading all the comments here. I can’t wait to hold my talisman and get resolution to my problem.

Aisha was so kind to me during my initial consultation about my problem and I immediately felt love and warmth from her. I truly felt that she cared about me and my personal problems.

I can’t wait to post here with exclamations of my fantastic results that I just know are around the corner! Thank you so much for helping me!

April Y., Surprise, AZ

Ms. Aisha you do indeed make miracles happen

I am not proud of it but I have made a stupendous mistake. I cheated on my husband with his best friend. I fell madly in love with him. My husband found out about the affair, he was truly hurt. I have never seen a grown man cry the way Mike did when I confessed. I broke his heart. I was naive and stupid, yeah I can say that. What I did was horrible. Mike left me and his best friend dumped me.  I have come to realize that I truly love my husband, even though what I did was wrong. I wanted him back, I wanted his forgiveness, I wanted his love, I needed him in my life. He was hurt, so hurt that he started dating my cousin just to show me how much I’ve hurt him. God I hate her and he knew it.
I’ve made every attempt to reconcile with Mike but it all failed, he was truly angry and hurt.

In all candor I am very pleased that I have found Ms Aisha. When I first consulted her about me and Mike. She wrote back to me informing me that I needed to wait at least 30 days before she can help me, because Mike was still mad at me. So I waited and then I contacted her again. Ms Aisha recommended a customized power ritual combo spell. 12 days later I receive my talisman and that same night Mike contacts me out of the blue. We spoke for 3 minutes  that was it. A week later he came over after supper. He gave a huge hug when I opened the door, he was so happy to see me. He told me he does not know why he is here but he felt the need to be here, to see me, to touch me, even though he was still mad at me. We made love and it was awesome.

The next night I came home from work all his clothes were back in his walk in closet. We have been back ever since. last night he told me that he completely forgave me and he truly loves me. Tears of joy almost all night.
Ms. Aisha you do indeed make miracles happen. I will never forget you.

Rasheeda J., S.F.

You are an amazing woman

You are an amazing woman and you did miracles for me and I love you. Everything you said did happen within six months. I am the happiest gal ever. I will definitely use you again and soon.

Love you Aisha.

Lady J.

Amazing experience!

Amazing experience! Ms Aisha you are really a gem on this earth. WOW!!!

W., IL

You are my miracle worker

Once you hold her supercharged talisman in your hand, you will know that this woman Aisha is the real deal! Wow Ms. Aisha! I am smiling from ear to ear!!!

R. is back in my life under my terms and conditions. He is more passionate, caring and extremely sweet. He can’t get his hands off me.

He is calling me through out the day when he is at work. Yesterday he told me that all he thinks about all day is me. He is so into me in ways I never thought was possible. Thank you Ms. Aisha my life is complete again. My spell took eleven days to complete as I ordered the Amun ra love spell. All my wishes came trough as I described them in my wish list. My case took about one month for all my wishes to be fulfilled.

I am so grateful to you Ms. Aisha.

You are my miracle worker.

Love and Light
Ramona, Louisiana

I completely believe in Aisha and her power!

Hi to all of you sharing similar situations. I’m waiting for my results and since I sometimes have a problem with being patient, the best help for me is to come to this guest book regularly. It gives me so much hope whenever I fear to be one of those who stay without success. But then again I gain strength and hope when reading all these positive experiences!

Thank you for posting them! I completely believe in Aisha and her power!!

Sue, Germany

Aisha is a wonderful person


I ordered the Amun ra ritual. I received my talisman and I have completed my first candle lighting. I’m still positive, I have not received any results yet. I know with me being positive I will receive results. Aisha is a wonderful person and I wish her well with her endeavors In life.

I will keep you posted when I receive my first results. Remember stay positive and believe in Aisha.


The Power of Positive Energies

Now my spell has finally come to fruition. It felt like a long time but it actually only took 26 days. Aisha cast the Amun Ra ritual for me. It was a difficult journey for me because my lover lived on the other side of the world (Europe) and my love spell included many other things, like for him moving back home to Seattle. It was very difficult for me to stay positive because I could not imagine that he would really move back, job and everything, it’s not easy to just move from one country to another. In the end it all worked out. He sent me an email on day 9 of the spell, just casually to see how I was doing. We have not had any contact in 19 months, so this was a big thing for me. We started emailing a lot and worked through a lot of things that led to the break up. It was very therapeutic for me as I’ve never really understood why he left me in such a sudden and cold-hearted fashion. He was really sweet and explained everything and that it was hard on him too and that he never wanted to hurt me. Through email exchange we became very close again and we started flirting. It was great, but it was still hard for me to stay completely positive because he was so far away. Two weeks ago we talked on the phone for the first time. He was still in Italy at that time and that’s when he broke the news to me that he is coming back to Seattle permanently. He arrived last Monday and even though he was severely jet-legged we met right at the airport. It was a truly magical experience. Just wonderful. We are back together. Even though the company booked him a hotel he stayed the entire time at my place. We had the best week ever. This evening he flew back to Italy for 5 more work days and then he will be permanently coming back to Seattle. We are having big plans. He already broke the news to his parents and close friends and so did I. I am sooo happy, for the first time in years, I am truly happy. I hope my story helps someone to see that the power of positive energies are indeed worth the patience and sadness that my overcome you at times. I know that none of this would have happened without Aisha and her spell. Thank you, Aisha. I don’t even know how to ever show you how happy you have made me. You are truly a queen!


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