I will never forget the day I came home and my Fedex package was being delivered. I signed for it and couldn’t wait to open it. I went inside my bedroom and opened it. I retrieved my talisman and the minute I touched it, this sudden surge of energy rushed through my entire body. I felt warm, happy, very calm and at peace.

The feeling was so intense and, so real and no, I was not dreaming! It was only 3:30 PM. I have never felt anything of this nature in my entire life. It was a supernatural force, It was undeniable. There was nothing ominous about this feeling, it was warm, reassuring, protecting, loving. I have never forgotten it.

Now I think it is time for me to share my story with you. My name is Katty and about 12 months ago, My fiancee decided to end things between us. It was so abrupt, I didn’t even have the time to think. The man I have loved with all my heart has suddenly decided to end our relationship and engagement. We were due to get married in less than 3 weeks. He basically shattered my heart into minuscule pieces, by simply saying that he does not love me any more and does not feel anything for me. He ended it so fast, I had a nervous break down and ended up in the hospital. I could not breath without him, my life had no meaning without him. He vanished while I was hospitalized. I could not believe that he would abandon me the way he did, but he did. He was cold hearted and didn’t care about me or how I felt for that matter. His phone was disconnected, he quit his job, he vanished. I needed answers, I needed closure, I just couldn’t let go without knowing why. This is going to sound a bit corny, but yeah, I did it. I hired a private investigator to find Patrick. I was utterly shocked to find out that my Patrick has moved in with a woman whom is 13 years older than him. they were a couple living under the same roof. The pictures don’t lie. I saw them holding hands in the park. Kissing in the car, camping together. I felt rejected, undesired, unwanted, it broke my soul in every way. I tried to make contact with Patrick but to no avail. I contacted several so called psychics and spell casters. They just took my money, and never asked me to send in anything. I was scammed 4 times. So I decided to do real research. I contacted Ms Aisha, and during the first consultation she informed me that Patrick broke it off with me because he had no control over it. I found out that Patrick had a spell cast on him by this older woman who by the way happens to be his coworker. Ms Aisha told me that this woman has broken my man’s will. He basically became her little puppet. She had cast 2 spells on him one was black magic and the other was some sort of Santeria.

Time was of the essence so I decided to go for the customized Cleopatra spell. I am so glad that I did.
This is what happened. 3 days after I received the talisman from Ms Aisha, I received a call from Patrick! I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it. He asked to see me as soon as possible. He came over later that night, he cried like a baby in my arms, begging me for forgiveness. He said that he was lost and that this woman had done something to him. He stayed over that night and we made passionate love all night. It was pure true love.

About a week later Patrick moved back in with me, as to the evil woman, she got what she deserved, she was fired from her job and was never seen or heard from ever since. We are now happily married and are expecting our first child this year. Thank you Ms Aisha for bringing my man back.

Please don’t get scammed like I have. I now know that a spell will never work without biological samples and the most important thing is the talisman. Without the charged talisman you have nothing. You need to know that the talisman is charged with all the spell energies, and once you touch it like I did, you complete the circle of magic. If you truly need spiritual help that is real, authentic and powerful, you owe it to your elves to work with Ms Aisha she is truly a gifted woman.

Katty, Vermont

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