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Isis Family Spell

My family life has been a disaster for quite sometimes since I married my second husband. I walked in the marriage with my son David from the last marriage. I love my son very much but my new husband hated him since the beginning. I loved them both so much and I was so confused and hurt when my husband demanded that I send David to boarding school or the marriage is over. David was only ten years old, I was so hurt I did not know what to do.

Thank God and thanks to you for all that you have done for me. Now my husband loves David as if he were his own son. It gives me nothing but profound pleasure to see them both leaving on fishing trips together. On his eleventh birthday David got a ten thousand Dollars savings account under his name. There is so much love in my family now. I am so happy yet speechless. God bless you Aisha and again thanks a lot.

Susan, Boston

Isis Reuniting Spell

Dear Aisha,

You have no idea how grateful I am. My boyfriend had stopped drinking for good. I am no longer emotionally nor physically abused by him. He became the good old Johnny that I loved so much. No more temper, no more violence, no more booze, just good old loving Johnny. I am so excited he’s just asked me to marry him. The wedding is on next spring and you are my honor guest. Thanks again. You’re a doll!

Loretta, New York

Isis love spell brought husband back

Dear Aisha:

After my husband left me for a younger woman, I was devastated, lost my charm, confidence and self worth. I could not believe that the man that I loved and catered to for 20 years could just turn around and dump me just like that. For month, I have tried every thing and spend a lot of money but to no avail.

I will never forget the day when I received your envelope. Guess what, not even a month after that Steve knocked on my door crying like a baby begging me to take him back. I must admit I was floored. Anyways he is back non-under my terms and conditions. I am happier than I was 20 years ago. You are my angel.

Kathy, Pompano Beach, FL

Isis Love Spell worked

Hi, whats up? No idea what to write but want to let ya’ll know that this stuff worked for me in 36 hours. I didn’t give the talisman to nature yet but will do so tonight. I plan to take my girl for a walk tonight and throw the talisman in the Hudson river. After that I will propose to her and arrange a candle light dinner. That’s my plan.

Thanks to Aisha


Aisha is for real have trust

Great site very encouraging, Aisha
is for real have trust everybody!

Alia, USA


Excellent and informative site.

K. Lowder, Beaufort, USA

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