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Money spell

For a Catholic person like me to find strength in someone called “Ms. Aisha” isn’t that much of a stretch!!! I wanted to write to tell you just how much you helped me. I was living on my own but really needed to get a huge amount of money because they were turning the apartments into luxury condos. I asked for a money spell of magic that would keep me well provided for during this transition. I didn’t have one ounce of trouble, I want you to know. I received everything your website stated that I would, and I am now still happily living in my apartment that I was able to afford with the money the spell brought into my life. God Bless!!

I am excited and hopeful

I want to thank Aisha for being so kind and offering her services to help so many people in need. I am excited and hopeful that I will too get results like everyone else and have the fairytale wedding and future with my boyfriend like I have been reading in this guestbook. I try to read it almost everyday to stay positive. I have ordered an Isis Money spell and a PRC love spell. The PRC spell in my letter is very complicated and I am hopeful that Aisha will be able to help me.

Hopeful, USA

The universe is connected to everything

The universe is connected to everything else so the first principle of magic is connection. The universe is a fluid ever changing energy pattern, not a series of fixed and separate things. What effects one thing will in turn effect another and in fact effect all. Everything is interwoven in the conceptual reality and continuous fabric that is being.

Energy is magic.

Energy is love

Love is magic.

Aisha you have illuminated my mind my senses and my heart with this site and your ability to give all to enhance another persons life in some way. I cannot express my deep felt love for what you have achieved for me. I am so pleased with the results. Your rituals, spells and meditations have aided my own energy to flow freely in and around my home too. Everyone who comes to my home notices the difference in temperature free flowing energy a constant lovely feel welcoming and homely

I have kept you a secret I have told no one of our rituals and spells and all the other things. I dare not for I may change the energy around me at the present time and I absolutely refuse to do that.

We live a wonderful life now

Aisha helped me so much with my love life. My husband would go far from me and not pay attention. Now he is crazy about me and so into me that I love the attention I am getting. I am so happy we live a wonderful life now!

Reena, Somerset, NJ


A woman wrote this in the guestbook: “The first time I truly felt good and hopeful was when Aisha first responded to me. It was like heaven had responded to my prayers.” it was the same for me; to receive an email from Ms. Aisha is for me as the voice of the universe speaks to me. to be one of those souls of which Ms. Aisha takes care is the biggest blessing from the destiny one can get.

Blessed Someone

Here is the one that you can trust

I was suffering from depression since my childhood; I made a lot of therapies, took all kinds of medicine and went to all people who were saying they could help me. Well, no one helped, the doctors of school medicine said that I am hopelessly sick. The other people to which I went took only my money and left me even more depressed and hurt. One day in 2009 I found this website and I thought well, I don’t think this is real… I had my doubts… so many that I can not explain but I was so hopeless that I thought: I don’t have anything to lose. I tried it.. and since then it goes better and better with me. Ms. Aisha really cares! Really! I was so surprised, I can’t tell you; Ms. Aisha is still doing so many things for me and I would like to give her something back and when it is just to say to all of you: here is the one that you can trust!!! Ms. Aisha will do anything in her power so you will be happy and enjoy your life. If you are down and depressed like I was you finally found someone who is willing to help and can help.

Real Client, XY

Yes, it worked

I ordered the Cleopatra spell in April and received the talisman 2 weeks ago. 🙂 Yes, it worked, and the spell returned J. (the love of my life). I am very, very, very, very happy with the outcome and especially how everything materialized. I have never been happier. It was worth all the money, and I am now eyeballing with another spell (success). Aisha’s spell casting is highly recommended. I am giving her 5 of 5 stars (and then some).


Aisha you are the true definition of Beauty

Hello everyone,

I am just writting to say that i am very very confident that Aisha, Being the amazing woman that she is, will deliver her promise to help us all.

I finally plucked up the courage to ask for Aisha’s help, although i felt very nervous about sending biological material, i felt in my heart there was a reason why i had come across Aisha’s site- and this can not of been an accident…

Aisha wrote to me a few days ago informing me that things are looking well and should soon be complete, i had sent my package on the 15th of April and Aisha has told me good news that her work is almost complete.

i have good faith in Aisha, its been a very emotional journey so far, because i never knew that someone like Aisha, who is so kind and caring would ever come to exist. i have felt her energies already even though i am not yet in possession of my Talisman. i have been feeling so full of energy and life, my life is already changing before my eyes… that’s right Aisha… you are so special…

I dont really want to give away too much or say too much but i do want anyone who is blessed to come across this site, to know that Aisha is real and she is a very powerful and dedicated woman, i can just feel it…

I have also read forums and lots of negative things about Aisha, which somehow really hurt me…i just felt so much pain when i read them, its not because i believe them and think that iv lost my money… its because Aisha has grown on me…i feel like somehow she is apart of me…i could not bare to hear bad mouthing about my own people and loved ones let alone someone who has now become so dear to me and shown me loyalty and trust at such great distance…

DONT be put off by negative things being said, instead read Aisha’s Blog, its fantastic, i smiled at Aisha’s come backs…and Aisha i am really sorry you had to go through all that, if you wanted to, you could of washed your hands and closed down your site and refuse to help people for your own reasons…but instead you stayed strong and you established that you were genuine and you dealt with it like a very good and honourable woman and till this very day you are still helping us through our problems and doubts..

I am really looking forward to recieveing my Talismaan. i hope you and your daughters are well.

i did tell you in my email recently i would write in your Guest book and i did attempt to do so but unfortunately refreshed the page-and lost it- silly me!

but anyway its not difficult to rewrite and rephrase because everything i say is from my heart. i have tried to keep positive and i wont lie but for the past 3 days i was very low and upset for some reason but then i realised, i cant just sit on my bum and expect everything to come naturally. yes Aisha can perform magic but i believe her spells will help us for the better good and become apart of our lifestyle ,therefore we need to take advantage of the good energy around us and make the effort using our physical abilities and the rest will come naturally… for example iv asked Aisha to help me find motivation to exercise,baring in mind i don’t have my talisman yet, but i am sure the ritual has already taken place…and already ,i have made the effort to go to the gym and i am amazed at how energetic i am, and how good i look in such little time…

with all repsect to you and your profound work…my motto is…

‘magic is up in the air for those who believe, and you must reach for it , grasp it in the palm of your hand and let its wonders work to inspire you…’ (c) kay

i hope you all like that…

Best wishes and i hope we all find what we are looking for.

Aisha you are the true definition of Beauty

thanks for being here for me,and if all goes well i hope we can meet someday x

Kay, London

She really cares

…if you feel lonely, helpless, at the end, here is help! I was looking for help – my whole life; hopelessly I found Ms. Aisha- and she really cared; if you feel at the end with your self and your life- give Ms. Aisha a try; she will help you to find your luck and to get a happy life!!!

Gratitude, Europe

She is the one

thank you so much..mother are indeed a real authentic, genuine spell caster…if you come to mother Aisha’s website… it’s no accident!! she is the one…. your guardian angel.. wanted… for your solutions…do not be hesitate.. rest assured… thanks again!!!

Caramel8, US

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