I am not proud of it but I have made a stupendous mistake. I cheated on my husband with his best friend. I fell madly in love with him. My husband found out about the affair, he was truly hurt. I have never seen a grown man cry the way Mike did when I confessed. I broke his heart. I was naive and stupid, yeah I can say that. What I did was horrible. Mike left me and his best friend dumped me.  I have come to realize that I truly love my husband, even though what I did was wrong. I wanted him back, I wanted his forgiveness, I wanted his love, I needed him in my life. He was hurt, so hurt that he started dating my cousin just to show me how much I’ve hurt him. God I hate her and he knew it.
I’ve made every attempt to reconcile with Mike but it all failed, he was truly angry and hurt.

In all candor I am very pleased that I have found Ms Aisha. When I first consulted her about me and Mike. She wrote back to me informing me that I needed to wait at least 30 days before she can help me, because Mike was still mad at me. So I waited and then I contacted her again. Ms Aisha recommended a customized power ritual combo spell. 12 days later I receive my talisman and that same night Mike contacts me out of the blue. We spoke for 3 minutes  that was it. A week later he came over after supper. He gave a huge hug when I opened the door, he was so happy to see me. He told me he does not know why he is here but he felt the need to be here, to see me, to touch me, even though he was still mad at me. We made love and it was awesome.

The next night I came home from work all his clothes were back in his walk in closet. We have been back ever since. last night he told me that he completely forgave me and he truly loves me. Tears of joy almost all night.
Ms. Aisha you do indeed make miracles happen. I will never forget you.

Rasheeda J., S.F.

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