Now my spell has finally come to fruition. It felt like a long time but it actually only took 26 days. Aisha cast the Amun Ra ritual for me. It was a difficult journey for me because my lover lived on the other side of the world (Europe) and my love spell included many other things, like for him moving back home to Seattle. It was very difficult for me to stay positive because I could not imagine that he would really move back, job and everything, it’s not easy to just move from one country to another. In the end it all worked out. He sent me an email on day 9 of the spell, just casually to see how I was doing. We have not had any contact in 19 months, so this was a big thing for me. We started emailing a lot and worked through a lot of things that led to the break up. It was very therapeutic for me as I’ve never really understood why he left me in such a sudden and cold-hearted fashion. He was really sweet and explained everything and that it was hard on him too and that he never wanted to hurt me. Through email exchange we became very close again and we started flirting. It was great, but it was still hard for me to stay completely positive because he was so far away. Two weeks ago we talked on the phone for the first time. He was still in Italy at that time and that’s when he broke the news to me that he is coming back to Seattle permanently. He arrived last Monday and even though he was severely jet-legged we met right at the airport. It was a truly magical experience. Just wonderful. We are back together. Even though the company booked him a hotel he stayed the entire time at my place. We had the best week ever. This evening he flew back to Italy for 5 more work days and then he will be permanently coming back to Seattle. We are having big plans. He already broke the news to his parents and close friends and so did I. I am sooo happy, for the first time in years, I am truly happy. I hope my story helps someone to see that the power of positive energies are indeed worth the patience and sadness that my overcome you at times. I know that none of this would have happened without Aisha and her spell. Thank you, Aisha. I don’t even know how to ever show you how happy you have made me. You are truly a queen!


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