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Magic is real!

If you ask Aisha for help- you will get it! everything will work out! I myself was helpless and at the end all my wishes came true: love, job, money, happy life 🙂 don´t doubt if it takes time- it will work out! Aisha is the key to solve all problems! Magic is real! it’s energy – and all is energy; if you need something to read: read books about wishes come true like the secret; and Aisha knows what to do, that you get all you love to have; I promise you!

Maria, CZ

My luck has changed

Hello, I ordered an Amun Ra spell, since then i feel my luck has changed so much, still waiting for my man to return but i know he will thanks to Aisha and Miriam thanks.


Aisha, I will never forget you

Thank you Aisha, thank you for all. I didn’t have any hope – nearly two years ago I lost my great love. But I thought that I should try one only more step. I asked Aisha for her help and she helped me. My love is back and it’s so great as in the beginning of our time. It seems so easy now, it took only a few weeks. Aisha, I will never forget you, I ever will be so thankful.
ever your’s



Music remind me that meditation-in conjunction with music-is sometimes a good help to stay positive looking into the inner self.

Thank you

Aisha you have given me something that i have been longing for 18 years. May god always watch over you and your family. Thank you is not enough only if i could find a more meaningful word.

God bless you and thank you

Linda, Australia

Cleopatra Spell

I have hope that everything will go alright, I have been reading this web-page for the past days and I feel confident that miss Aisha will help me.

Received her mail on Sunday and it felt so right. Working on purchasing the Cleopatra spell and will be positive about it.

If someone would be nice enough to let me know how the Cleopatra spell worked for them would be very nice.

Crushed, Aruba

She makes everything possible

There is nothing what I love more than Ms. Aisha’s Work; she makes everything possible; for me her energy is more important than food; she works with energies- and since I found her- I began to understand myself and life; and she is my idol- I never met someone with such a good character, with such a big heart- here on earth; if you are down and gave up on your self and your dreams – Ms. Aisha will lift you up; like she has done with me; I do promise you

Love Ms. Aisha’s work, Earth

My dream of a wedding is finally becoming reality

I have purchased the PRC in February and Aisha made my love ask me to marry him. He was not able to ask me for 20!!!! years and all it took was a PRC spell and 3 weeks of waiting to be finally asked. Thank you Aisha. My dream of a wedding is finally becoming reality.


Results are truly permanent

Had two spells cast in 2001 and 2002. They both worked and I just wanted to let you know that the results are truly permanent. We are now in 2011 and I am still enjoying all the positive energies and the results from the love spell and money spell. These spells have been the best investment into my life and I would do it again in a heart beat. True magick at work here!


My situation improved almost instantly

I have just recently faced the worst divorce of my life where I had to fight and contest everything that was happening. My whole livelihood, my possessions everything. My partner wanted to move his girlfriend in my house where our kids grew up and went to school from and now they have left home and gone their separate ways more or less, even so this is still their home. He said they could visit him there also with his new soon to be wife (as soon as baby comes)

He thought I should not be there on my own and he should be in it because his girlfriend is pregnant and has two other children too. They need the space more than I do. He said I only rattle around in it on my own.

He thought that I should give up any rights to claim any part of it as he wanted give me the first months rent and deposit to move into a smaller place of my own.

I thought this man is a cheeky bas**** and I had no intention of moving.

I was so glad when I found Aisha on the Internet and after I had a consultation with her and she recommended the Amun Ra ritual for my case I sent everything off to her and my situation improved almost instantly. Aisha helped me keep my house and helped keep him away from my life also. I have never seen him again. We are now divorced and I am ready to find my true love. I will be using the Power Ritual Combo and can’t wait to experience the positive energy from the spell casting again and to finally find the man that is true to me.

Thank you Aisha for everything that you have done. I love you.

Holly, USA

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