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I never forget this wonderful experience

Hi All, I ordered a love spell from Miss Aisha and I felt and still feeling warm energy, like fire in side of me I know it’s maybe funny, but during Miss Aisha casting the spell I felt it. More happy, more positive and when my talisman arrived I felt warmest energy going through my body that was something that I can’t describe, you have to feel it. I never forget this wonderful experience. Sometimes I am feeling down and really bad hopeless and I return to Miss Aisha website and fill myself with good, positive energy. I do want my situation be resolved but I have to be patient and think positive this what Miss Aisha told me, fingers crossed 🙂 I hope I will return to this pages soon. She is amazing person. A lots of love .


I finally got my girl back

Thank you so much Aisha. I am so grateful to have found you!! I finally got my girl back. She finally left the other person and came back to me. We are so in love!! I also feel like a stronger and happier person and plan to make it last this time around. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

I had lost all hope that it was working and started dating someone new. It was pretty amazing how we reconnected. To everyone who is waiting, make sure to keep your eyes open for all of the little signs that let you know the spirits are working for you. There are a lot if you pay attention. You must trust that stuff is happening to help you and your situation even if you cannot see it.

Good luck and Don’t Stop Believing!!!

This stuff really works

I ordered the PRC and received the Talisman a short while later. The hardest part was to stay positive while I was waiting for the results to kick in. But when the results started? Wow… what a feeling. I was the happiest person in the world and I still am. It all worked out the way I requested and I am totally fascinated about Aisha and her gift. This stuff really works. I could hug the world that’s how happy I am. Glad I am not allowed to discuss the spell with anyone because I highly doubt that anyone would ever believe me. But it is the truth. I ordered a PRC spell from Aisha, received a Talisman and got results 4 weeks later!!!! I love you Aisha!


You are a blessing on earth

I have just been notified by dear Aisha that my spell will be completed in a few days.

I am full of hope and equally anxious. I read the guestbook everyday to stay focused and positive.

Thank you so much for taking time to write in your stories, and give broken hearted people like me the comfort and optimism we need.

I cannot wait to receive my results and staying positive and patient that I will receive everything I dream for.

Bless you Aisha, without you I will lose all hope.

You are a blessing on earth

Eve, UK

It happened for me!

Lady Aisha does miracles! If you are in a situation which you feel helpless about and you are thinking there is no way out – ask Lady Aisha for help, she really does miracles!!! no situation is too difficult, no problem too huge for her to over come!!! True! I am the living proof. There is no person on earth or in heaven to which I am more thankful. All my heart and all my gratitude for Lady Aisha. I recommended her to everybody who is reading this and looking for joy and happiness. All what you are dreaming of will come true with Lady Aisha’s help! for sure! It happened for me!

Wonderful Service

Lady Aisha really cares about you and that you will get what you are looking for! What a wonderful service! Best thing one earth!!!



I looked at loads of spells sites before I found this one. I kept seeing pictures of Egyptian stuff all the time.

When I clicked on Aisha’s site it was like: Wow I have arrived! It felt like destiny has led me to Aisha’s site by showing me all those symbols on the other sites.

I came on this web site and asked for a love spell. My first real experience ever on the Internet. Phenomenal!
I am amazed and so grateful that I got to work with someone with so much knowledge and such a powerful gift that actually changed my future. All worked out just the way I wanted it to and Aisha is just a sweet, caring, humble and honest soul that is here to help us and to solve our problems. She is the only real practitioner that I have ever worked with. Amazing!!!


Please trust in this site

Aisha has many times given me spiritual guidance and help within the spiritual realms over the last decade. I have always found her to be non-judgmental, non-forceful and highly effective in all her magical workings. She has united/reunited past/present people with me. I have received candle magic, talismans also help with long term problems. (To name a few). I had love links broken that were not beneficial to my life. You name it I have had it. She has always been truly professional many times sharing the great secrets of the faithful ones in her spell and ritualistic work. I would never use anyone else personally. I place more than 100% trust in this great person for her kindness and humility. Everyone deserves happiness and longevity. Please trust in this site and Aisha for all that you need. It will be provided with ease and love.


Crazy? No, it really works

I was so totally freaked to try this stuff. There is so much crap online these days that I just didn’t know what to make of it. But I kept coming back to this site and I still do almost every day to see if anyone posted something new.

I read all the messages and I got such a good feeling in here that I really wanted to try Aisha’s magic.

Anyway one night I got slightly drunk and egged myself on to ordering a money spell from you. I had already been thinking about what I wanted if I was going to order something but I never really had the bottle to do it. Well I never believed I was going to anyway.

Next morning when I woke up and remembered what I had done I completely panicked. I just thought much the worst. I imagined I had signed into some occult thing that will make me sell all my worldly goods and stuff.

But in all fairness ill tell you that the actual reality of it all was quite nice really. Aisha is just a person with talent and knows whats shes talking about and I have found that I really enjoy exploring the spiritual realm. But most important of all IT ACTUALLY WORKED. I really got a lot of money after the spell was cast and I guess this makes me one of Aisha’s followers because now I want to try other things and improve life even more. Crazy? No, it really works and there is no way that it was just a coincidence.


Aisha makes dreams come true

If there is one person in the world one can rely on and trust – then it is Ms. Aisha. She really takes care of her souls, is never angry when fear and doubts are taking over and always helps and makes dreams come true.

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