The universe is connected to everything else so the first principle of magic is connection. The universe is a fluid ever changing energy pattern, not a series of fixed and separate things. What effects one thing will in turn effect another and in fact effect all. Everything is interwoven in the conceptual reality and continuous fabric that is being.

Energy is magic.

Energy is love

Love is magic.

Aisha you have illuminated my mind my senses and my heart with this site and your ability to give all to enhance another persons life in some way. I cannot express my deep felt love for what you have achieved for me. I am so pleased with the results. Your rituals, spells and meditations have aided my own energy to flow freely in and around my home too. Everyone who comes to my home notices the difference in temperature free flowing energy a constant lovely feel welcoming and homely

I have kept you a secret I have told no one of our rituals and spells and all the other things. I dare not for I may change the energy around me at the present time and I absolutely refuse to do that.

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