I was suffering from depression since my childhood; I made a lot of therapies, took all kinds of medicine and went to all people who were saying they could help me. Well, no one helped, the doctors of school medicine said that I am hopelessly sick. The other people to which I went took only my money and left me even more depressed and hurt. One day in 2009 I found this website and I thought well, I don’t think this is real… I had my doubts… so many that I can not explain but I was so hopeless that I thought: I don’t have anything to lose. I tried it.. and since then it goes better and better with me. Ms. Aisha really cares! Really! I was so surprised, I can’t tell you; Ms. Aisha is still doing so many things for me and I would like to give her something back and when it is just to say to all of you: here is the one that you can trust!!! Ms. Aisha will do anything in her power so you will be happy and enjoy your life. If you are down and depressed like I was you finally found someone who is willing to help and can help.

Real Client, XY

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