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Cleopatra Spell is the best

The Cleopatra Spell is the best. No spell casters helped and only took my money but Aisha’s Cleopatra spell was real and brought my wife back. No scam here, is real magic stuff with real energies that you can feel. Only days and wish becomes truth. Real real real!


I have love in my heart again

Thank you God for Aisha and this website. There is no doubt in my mind that Aisha is here to help. My case is difficult, at best. The love of my life stopped all contact with me, planning never to even look at me. I ordered the Amun Ra and within three days he actually TALKED to me. 14 days later he came to me. It is not was it was before but I have faith that soon it will be… I have love in my heart again! Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Difficult Situation

I received my talisman Amun Ra Ritual love spell monday night. She called me Tuesday morning! My situation is very difficult, but I just keep hoping.

Me, Somewhere

It’s bright and beautiful

Let the flowers in your heart shine through to me.
May the silent wish be shown to thee
Have the heaven above wrap us in love
May the Blue Light of an angel shine from above
Let the reign of love be showered in time
Let the gentle space be in your sign
May the grace of god and heavenly cheer
Be in your heart and held so dear

Aisha, I wanted to write this for you. You have given me so much to hold onto and my life is just wonderful right now. I want to share my happiness with you, and thank you .
I appreciate all the help you have given me in every way.

I know that from now on I wont look back with regrets and negativity I will look to the stars and the future



It’s true magic

I worried when asked to give some biological material (hair, fingernails). However, I know now the authenticity behind it. Aisha is a credit to her profession. I am having the most remarkable spiritual journey and I will be be forever grateful what she has done for me and my marriage. A few days after the talisman arrived all problems were resolved. It’s true magic.

Deeply in Love, USA

We’re somewhat back together

First of all, I want to thank Ms. Aisha, this site and all the people who write their experience in this guestbook.
Almost 3 months ago, I was in despair, hopeless & almost don’t have the energy to go on with my life because of my break-up with my boyfriend. Our situation is kinda critical and not a usual relationship problem, aside from the fact that we’re of different religions, our status in life, tradition and even the society we belong is very different. The only thing common to us is our feelings for each other. But because of all those differences, he broke up with me.

When I was in despair, I saw this site, read it the whole day.It has given me hope that nobody can give me specially that time. But patience for a despair broken hearted is quite hard, but you have to believe and be patient. I know how hard it is to wait, specially when it seems like I can’t feel anything unusual.I didn’t feel anything when I touched my talisman. I never had vivid dreams.It came to a point that I almost give up. But when I almost finished the whole process, then it’s coming. The first one that had happened is hearing a song by Outlandish and he’s calling “Aisha” in that song for many times. That time when it was playing is the exact time I felt so sad. It made me smile,then, he sends me messages on how much he wants me back, then the rest is history! We’re somewhat back together, but there still a lot of problems to be fixed. But what I want you guys to know who reads this is that I’m a living proof that “Aisha” is true!

I promised myself to write on this guessbook for other people reading this to not to loose hope and believe! I am still hoping to get to my final results, and I believe, I will get it soon… I’ll keep posted when I get there, for another inspiration to all!

Baby, M. East

Feeling stronger

I don´t know why and I don´t know how, I just feel a bit stronger and kind of feeling better mentally after the ugly break up with my ex which confused my world totally couples of day ago. I sat on my chair in the middle of the night crying and hurt deeply and I saw this site a couple of times when I googled but i just passed by without checking and then I decided to visit the website and I felt peace, especially when I saw the picture of Miss Aisha. After contacting Miss Aisha, I started to feel better and feel kind of stronger and I am scared that this feeling will go way, but I hope Aisha will be with me through this journey. Love to u all and to Aisha. God bless u

Scared Soul, Sweden

Amazing again

Amazing again. I am so thankful and so very blessed to find you. My wish for my family has come true. Learning to be patient is part of the journey. And learning to accept the different curves and turns the journey takes you and to where is very rewarding. Again Ms Aisha and Miriam are amazing!


I will stay positive, focus and believe

Dear Aisha and everyone on this site,
Thank you for all your positive comments I read them almost everyday to keep myself from not going back into the emotions that don’t serve me. I cant help crying because it hurts so much. I have tried everything that I could possibly do and nothing worked. I needed help. Coming across this site one day I began reading the guestbook over and over it gave me the hope and help that I am looking for. So I am now praying and hoping and believing that Aisha is the one who can help me. I ordered the Amun Ra Spell a couple of days ago and just waiting to be informed now. I don’t know how long it takes before I get my message to confirm that the ritual has started. I will stay positive, focus and believe.
Thankyou all

SC., Melbourne, Australia

Be positive and have trust

Ms. Aisha! Thank you for everything! You are indeed a woman with extraordinary powers. I have not experienced anything like this before. All of you waiting out there, please be positive and have trust in lady Aisha and her spiritual work.Pretty soon you will be writing your message here in the Guestbook. Today my joy knows no bounds, I am seeing amazing results just within a few days.  I never thought i would get a chance to write here in this guestbook so soon. God bless Aisha and her family! Wish you all good luck!


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