The Knot of Isis  looks similar to and represents the girdle of Isis. It is also known as the Girdle of Isis, the Buckle of Isis, the Blood of Isis., and as the tjet or tjed.

The origin of the Knot if Isis is not known. It is often translated to mean welfare or life and symbolizes the power and strength of the Goddess Isis. It is said to possess the magical powers to protect the wearer, living or dead, from every kind of evil, including protection from sickness and negative influences.

As early as the third dynasty this symbol was used as decoration and it appears both with the ankh symbol as well as the djed column. Later it appears with the scepter as well. It has to be mentioned that the Knot of Isis is much older as it already appeared as early as the Predynastic Period.

The Buckle of Isis appears on  many items that are associated with funerals and burials, as well as sarcophagi und shrines.

How the Amulet of the Buckle was Prepared and Used

The procedure for placing this amulet over the deceased body was very simple; it needed a lengthy dipping in ankham flower rich water with words from the chapter of the Buckle recited continuously chanted during dipping process. This supernatural amulet provided the dead, a guaranteed protection of the blood of Isis and her words of immense power.

Several materials like carnelian, red jasper and red hued glass form the base for these amulets. Costlier amulets included gold and other substances covered with gold sheen. The Knot of Isis has a close relation to the CLVIth chapter of the Book of the Dead.

It states as followed:

The blood of Isis, and the strength of Isis, and the words of power of Isis shall be mighty to act as powers to protect this great and divine being, and to guard him from him that would do unto him anything that he holdeth in abomination.

and Spell 156 states:

You possess your blood, Isis, you possess your power, Isis, you possess your magic, Isis. The amulet is a protection for this Great One, which will drive off anyone who would perform a criminal act against him.

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