The Eye of Ra or the Eye of Horus is the most famous symbol of the entire Egyptian kingdom right from the Old civilization to the Modern Age.

Also known as Udjat, Wedjet, and Wadjet, it is the most trusted symbol of protection and great Royal power.

This symbol is the sole possession of well-known deities of Horus and Ra.

In simple words, it is known as The Eye of God, the Eye of Ra o, the Eye of Horus.

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History of the Eye of Horus

Historically speaking, Horus was the ancient Egyptian sky god representing the sturdy and agile falcon. He was the well-known son of Osiris (who is the god of the underworld) and Isis (mother or supreme goddess). When Osiris was murdered by his own brother, the evil and mean Seth (jackal-headed god of night and destruction), Horus fought Seth in a prolonged battle to seek revenge for his father’s death, winning the epic battle, but losing an eye in the war. The magic of the god of wisdom restores the lost eye, and this act allowed Horus to provide Osiris rebirth and salvation in the ugly underworld. The Eye of Horus had some specific properties and characters like:

  • A pronounced right eye that represented a peregrine falcon’s eye and the distinctive marking around it.
  • A special “teardrop” marking down below the eye.
  • As the “utchat”, it represented the almighty sun.
  • A close association with the sun god Ra.
  • The exact mirror image or the left eye is seen as the moon and as god Thoth.
  • The Eye of Horus seems to be indestructible and unbeatable. This strong belief also confirmed that it would result in rebirth.

Fact: This amazing symbol is so special and powerful that only the mighty pharaoh could use it or employ it. The Eye of Horus was the special feature on Tutankhamen’s mummy; it was under the 12th layer of bandages swathing in the mummy.

Advantages and Benefits of the Eye of Horus

  • Wisdom
  • Health
  • Wisdom
  • Energy
  • Vitality
  • Endurance

The Wadjet is very special during many types of funerary rituals and decorations that are in the Book of the Dead.

The Six Parts and Senses of the Eye of Horus

All parts of the Eye of Horus have a specific meaning. It consists of 6 parts that correspond to the six senses: Smell, Sight, Thought, Hearing, Taste, and Touch.

The structure of the eye follows very precise rules, and the senses are ordered according to their relevance. It is structured according to the amount of energy that is needed for a specific person to obtain the needed outcome.

The measurement system for volume and capacity in ancient Egypt was measured in heqat. The entire Eye of Horus measured one heqat, which is 4.8 liters.

These are the parts of the EYE and their corresponding associated fraction values (Fraction of a heat).

Meaning Eye of Horus



This part of the eye symbolizes the nose and represents the sense of smell. Even the shape has similarities to a nose.


This part of the eye symbolizes the pupil and represents the sense of sight, seeing, and the sensation of light.


This part of the eye symbolizes the pupil and represents the sense of sight, seeing, and the sensation of light.


This part of the eye symbolizes the pupil and represents the sense of sight, seeing, and the sensation of light.


This part of the eye symbolizes the pupil and represents the sense of sight, seeing, and the sensation of light.


This part of the eye symbolizes the pupil and represents the sense of sight, seeing, and the sensation of light.

A simple example of the importance of the Eye of Horus in mathematical fractions: Consider all sections of the symbol. Each section has a different set of values. The entire Eye, with each part, has a total value of 1. In essence, the complete image represents a figure of 63/64, which is rounded off to 1 to make the calculation easier. This system also uses the principles of “halves”. For example, half of one equals ½, half of ½ equals ¼, until you arrive at a value of 1/64.

Uses of The Eye of Horus:

  • Amulets of the Wadjet will endow the person who wears it, with many magical properties.
  • Dead and deceased could take the amulets to ensure a good and safe life in the underworld.
  • Amulets found on mummies provide them safety and security during the journey to the underworld.
  • In mathematics, the Eye fraction relies on the everlasting symbol of the Eye of Horus. In ancient Egypt, this system recorded prescriptions and measured lands and weighed grains.
  • The Rx symbol used by pharmacies and physicians has its bearings in the Wadjet.

The Eye of Horus in Modern Times

You have seen it many times on my Website. The eye of Horus is one of the most widely recognized symbols in Egyptian magic and mythology.  With the eye looking out, a clearly defined eyebrow, and makeup, this eye seems to be peering into the soul or watching out for those who might wear or use the symbol in their life.

Protection for Others

The most common use of the eye of Horus is protection. This symbol is and was often worn by rulers of the land to help ward off evil spirits as well as enemies who might want to harm the lands over which they ruled.  It was also found in wall paintings and hieroglyphics.  In modern times, people who wear talismans or use images of the Wadjet in their home may be using this symbol to help improve their safety and their security in life – whether physically or emotionally. Some sailors continue to use this symbol on the front of their boats and ships to help ensure safe passage through troubled waters.

In magic spells, it also helps to keep negative energies away and attracting potent positive energies towards the spell and the owner of the talisman.

Different Meanings for Different Scales

Some researchers believe that different scales or measurements give the eye of Horus different meanings in different contexts.  These meanings can include sight, smell, thought, and hearing.  With each of these meanings in mind, the translation of hieroglyphics can vary depending on other images in the pictures.  Also, the eye of Horus was often used as a measurement in Egyptian record keeping.

The eye of Horus can be used as a talisman to ward off negative energies, or it can be used during meditation to help in protecting yourself or others.  By having another eye on a situation, you can feel more secure in decisions you make, or you may simply begin to ‘see’ the situation for what it truly is.

I hope you now understand why I use the Eye of Horus as my logo as well as a part of my Talismans.

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