First of all, I want to thank Ms. Aisha, this site and all the people who write their experience in this guestbook.
Almost 3 months ago, I was in despair, hopeless & almost don’t have the energy to go on with my life because of my break-up with my boyfriend. Our situation is kinda critical and not a usual relationship problem, aside from the fact that we’re of different religions, our status in life, tradition and even the society we belong is very different. The only thing common to us is our feelings for each other. But because of all those differences, he broke up with me.

When I was in despair, I saw this site, read it the whole day.It has given me hope that nobody can give me specially that time. But patience for a despair broken hearted is quite hard, but you have to believe and be patient. I know how hard it is to wait, specially when it seems like I can’t feel anything unusual.I didn’t feel anything when I touched my talisman. I never had vivid dreams.It came to a point that I almost give up. But when I almost finished the whole process, then it’s coming. The first one that had happened is hearing a song by Outlandish and he’s calling “Aisha” in that song for many times. That time when it was playing is the exact time I felt so sad. It made me smile,then, he sends me messages on how much he wants me back, then the rest is history! We’re somewhat back together, but there still a lot of problems to be fixed. But what I want you guys to know who reads this is that I’m a living proof that “Aisha” is true!

I promised myself to write on this guessbook for other people reading this to not to loose hope and believe! I am still hoping to get to my final results, and I believe, I will get it soon… I’ll keep posted when I get there, for another inspiration to all!

Baby, M. East

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