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Miss Aisha is geniune magician

Miss Aisha is genuine magician, her magic really works, before I was so depress tired of waiting for results, She said be patients it will come. Surprising I started receiving a results and yesterday was our third date yesterday Jan 5, and the first time for a long time he made love with me and stayed over at my apartment. Finally he is thinking of coming back to me, he said we have a last chance. Well I hope the magic will let him come back to me permanently settling down and have family with him and will leave his present partner in life. Thank you Miss Aisha your the best HAPPY NEW 2009. So be positive and believe with her magic it will happen to you sooner or later.


Be positive and visualize exactly what you want

To Aisha, Thanks again for all you have done ? To all you wonderful people out there my heart go’s out to you as I have had a similar situation? I was lucky enough to have stumbled on Aisha’s site first about +/- five six years ago and I never had to waste money on so called scams. I am married and had lots of complications with quite a few different people? I have had quite a few spells done for me for marriage and money and they all worked ! I just had another spell done P.R.C. Dec 2008 for my marriage and two days before the fetish arrived my husband phoned! My fetish arrived 31 Dec 2008 and I burned my candle! My husband took me to lunch 1 Jan 2009 and we got together. Thanks Aisha You’ve done it again and may you be blessed ! I would also like to add that in the beginning my spells took longer as i was very negative and had no idea how spells worked ? Be positive and visualize exactly what you want as every thing I visualized in this last spell the night before happened the next day ? Bless all you broken hearted !

T., Somewhere in Africa

Aisha your magic is real

Oh gosh thank you Madam Aisha your magic is real. He came to see me, finally, and he said he thinks about me a lot but he always thinks bad things and when we were going apart that night he said “I love you” and on our second date we had fun on the beach and he kisses me he said we will try to work things out. We will have a 3rd date next week at my place. I’ll be waiting for the final results, I know you will help me and your magic is about to come. I still have doubts, because he has someone living in his apartment till now he never let me come to his apartment and not talking when he is at home. He is stubborn but Ms Aisha makes it happen, unbelievable. This is the guy I love for many years, I wish my wish will come true and to finally to be together. So guys just wait because I have been waiting since October and not being patient but I’m happy he is talking to me now though, I still have a long way. I return the talisman back to nature today. Everlasting, Happy New Year MS AISHA AND MIRIAM. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Lovely, Florida

Merry Christmas

Dear Ms. Aisha and Family,

Merry Christmas. I am thankful for you, and knowing that only good will come.

You are the greatest gift!


Thank you for your honest work

Aisha, I really thank you for your honest work. I ordered the Power Ritual Combo for love about 6 months ago. My love has come back to me and called me from long time ago. In the fact when you mentioned in the letter you sent to me with the talisman that if I didn’t get results within 3 months it means that my spell didn’t work, I was really sad for long time but now I know that Aisha is on word. Thank you again and my regards to Miriam

R., Q.


This guestbook is very comforting and gives hope to many I’m sure. I know it has for me and I anxiously await the day I can work with aisha to get a little work started. It actually takes a load of my chest just reading others entries…truly i get a feeling of hope. Much love to you aisha


I love that girl with all of my heart

I fell in love with a woman who was an intimate friend. She was the only person whom I can tell anything to and be myself. I told her that I was in love with her, and she cut ties with me because she was in a serious relationship. Her boyfriend however was a substance abuser and I knew she deserved better because she is a wonderful person. I was heartbroken. I don’t know what made me decide to search for “love spells” but I found this site and I am very grateful! Ms. Aisha and Miriam have been very helpful and understanding. I haven’t got all of my results yet. But the woman I love broke up with her boyfriend and she told a friend of mine that she isn’t angry with me and would like to be friends again in time. She has not contacted me yet, but I am very hopeful. I love that girl with all of my heart.

Heartbroken but Hopeful, Canada

Aisha is truly caring and gifted

Aisha, Thank You for everything you have done, you are truly a caring and gifted person to help my situation in such a positive way. God Bless.

Me, Australia

Hope to see quick results

Just want to let every one know that I just got my talisman today and can’t wait for Wednesday so I can start my candle work. I do belive in Ms. Aisha  and hope to see a quick results. I will let everybody know how it worked out.

Good luck to everyone!

Happy new year!

Broken Hearted, FL

Very focused

I have never ever been as focused as I am now. My heart is this “magic”. I hope to write to you all about a success story here within weeks.

Gini, London

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