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Lifting Spirits

I just wanted to leave a message that will hopefully lift spirits of the emotionally drained. I’ve tried many other people that have claimed to be able to cast spells and do anything. They guarantee to be able to fix whatever situation you need help with but the only thing they are capable of is preying on the heartbroken who are desperately seeking help and taking their money and they left me a little bit more in despair and with a little less hope of being happy each time. I will admit at first I was skeptical after all the heartache I had gone through with other spell casters but I decided to give Aisha a try anyway. Although I’m still waiting on results, I will gladly say that since the spell was cast for me I have been filled with great positivity and a sense of well being and deep down in my heart and soul I can feel that it will only be a matter of time until I get my results. There still are some days that negativity tries to creep back in but almost instantly its washed away and replaced with a peaceful, calm ‘everything is going to be ok and work out just fine for me’ feeling. Its something I’ve never felt before with anyone else. Its such a beautiful feeling to have so much happiness and love inside and to be able to feel someone working on your side. To the brokenhearted I will tell you that this is the real thing and you will not find anyone better then Ms Aisha. Thanks so much!

S., Here

I am so happy

I am so happy to have found this website. you are my only hope ms Aisha and I believe in your services. I’m waiting to get my talismans and I’m so excited to start over and be happy once again and I’m so grateful that you are a gift to this universe that can make my dreams come true and my love to want to be with me and only me forever.

Thank you in advance and im excited to see, feel and experience the results.

E., Usa

In believe in her gift

I had a Commitment Love Spell. Aisha told me my ex lover will leave his current wife and will step right back into my life. She was right! The power of love is in my life right now is like never before. I believe her gift is through the power of God.


I am ready for what ever comes next

I just received my conformation email and, though the spell is not complete, I have already noticed a change in my self. A day or so before reading the email I was suddenly calm and collected, even in the face of my once boy friend. It seems these spells do much more than mend a broken relationship. They get to the core of you. Sink right in. And free you of that awful fear that comes with loosing someone.(not to mention the ache in your stomach is gone) Over all, I just feel grounded and ready for what ever comes next. And for that alone I am endlessly grateful.

Aisha’s spell dug into the weakest parts of me and tore them out.

I had no idea that the spell I ordered to bring back the one I love would effect me at all.

And I am glad it has.


Thank you so much Aisha!!!

Hi Aisha,

I order a PCR to have the one I love come back to me. The day I received my talisman and held it in my hand. The next day I checked my email, he sent an email to me the same minute I touched it, saying he will come see our daughter. I think it is a sign. For the last few months I have not heard from him. Thank you so much Aisha!!!
You have given me so much postive feelings I know everything will turn out like my wish. Bless you!!!

Loves win, America

I feel so good

I just order my Power Ritual Combo Sept 18, since then I feel so good and hope the next morning when my landlord wake up he said I dream last night that your D and you are getting married and he ask me to be the godfather and you have so happy and beautiful wedding at Ritz Carlton. My landlord have so much things to think of his own self suddenly he dream about me and D, I feel so happy and hope and I knew Ms Aisha will make things happen to us. I said to myself its going to be happen this is it finally..Thanks that god sent me to this site accidentally, 13 years of suffering, its going be over. Ill be waiting for my talisman to arrive and looking forward to make start happening.


Aisha and Miriam are always there for us

Well I had came back asking for help…so after doing so I wandered to the quest book to see if it had been updated…the second night it sure was. I have been trying to get through all the posts in the last few days..and I knew I’d been wanting to just post a little message. Then suddenly I’m reading this post and it sounds weirdly just like my situation from a year ago..I kept reading..and then I realized it was my post from a year ago. (october 7th 2007) Sadly a week later after that he left me…in a bad way…We ended on very bad terms…I was very very very hurt and sooo crushed. I didnt know why he was doing this…it just wasnt him. I thought I’d never seem him again or his son. I had always wondered how they both were in all…Then a few weeks ago I had gotten this myspace email and it was him!! The heading was in bold and said please read please forgive me..inside he wrote about how he was very sorry for what he did…that he got on medicine for his anger and temper and he was doing better…I just couldnt believe what he wrote..he just wanted my forgiveness he didnt expect anything else…after talking he was at my house the next day I just happened to take a mental health day off as things at work were going bad…i met him at his car and started to hug him when off to my left was a little boy…it was my little man..i didnt expect matt to bring him..i was floored…all three of us were inseperable for two weeks…he was more loving and tentive…things i never knew he could ever be..things i wanted in a a relationship…he planned this weekend getaway even though we stayed right here at home..he just got us all three a hotel..took me out to dinner…the works…then the next day he knew i had wanted to drive somewhere…he get on my laptop when we got home from the hotel…he got on mapquest and planned this day was great…it was a spur of the moment kinda thing…got to see lots of water and wind through our hair…we were just us….it was great…monday out of no where late at night he ends it with me…i was crushed once again…

i decided to let ms aisha know…she is ever so kind and nice…and somehow i feel ok…somehow i know one way or another i’ll be okay…one way or another i know aisha and miriam will be there to help me whether they are in my life or not. i made it without them thinking they were never going to come back before…i can do it again if i have too…but i know they can help i’ve been going to them for help for years now…

i know that what ever may happen…those two will always be there to help me and will do their absolute best to help me make my dreams come true…they are both true heros to help so many of us who feel this way…who feel like we cant fix things to help make our lives better…I dont know where this all will take me..i just hope it takes me down a road i’ve tried to be on forever…that i’ve asked aisha and miriam to be on…i know i amy seem silly to others in trying to many times to get back something….but i guess i see something others dont..i just cant give up on what i feel…that i’ve felt since school…the same feeling i get when he comes back..the same feeling i see looking in his eyes..the same feeling when he drives out of my driveway..even for the last time…

i hope others that read this…see that both aisha and miriam will always be here for us…even when we are such pains…when we email 500 times just for one small message to make us feel at ease…

i just cant give up…and neither will they

Still here, just not there


I am very amazed with this site, I have the same problem as yours and need immediate results i will definitely purchased with MS AISHA, she will change my life that I am wanting for 13 years. Money is nothing if your heart is happy, its love is worthless, I’m in love with my ex bf but he is not responding the same I did so I need Ms. Aisha…

Z., FL

This service is highly recommended

I am so grateful to Ms. Aisha and her spells. She turned my life around with the Amun ra Ritual. The reuniting spell worked so fast I didn’t know how to handle it when he stood in front of me. It took me a couple of days to fully accept that magic does work and Ms. Aisha is a true master at her craft. This service is highly recommended.



I’ve been a lot over this year, money troubles and worries, but I keep my faith and prayed to god to help me find my solution to my problems and one day I was searching and boom I came across this web site. So I emailed her my problem and then a couple hours later she told me she is positive of helping me to move forward again and to seek peace and happiness. She told me for my case I am in need of the power ritual combo. I guess being patient is the key so everyone be patient and have faith and you will be blessed….

D., St. Thomas

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