I was so totally freaked to try this stuff. There is so much crap online these days that I just didn’t know what to make of it. But I kept coming back to this site and I still do almost every day to see if anyone posted something new.

I read all the messages and I got such a good feeling in here that I really wanted to try Aisha’s magic.

Anyway one night I got slightly drunk and egged myself on to ordering a money spell from you. I had already been thinking about what I wanted if I was going to order something but I never really had the bottle to do it. Well I never believed I was going to anyway.

Next morning when I woke up and remembered what I had done I completely panicked. I just thought much the worst. I imagined I had signed into some occult thing that will make me sell all my worldly goods and stuff.

But in all fairness ill tell you that the actual reality of it all was quite nice really. Aisha is just a person with talent and knows whats shes talking about and I have found that I really enjoy exploring the spiritual realm. But most important of all IT ACTUALLY WORKED. I really got a lot of money after the spell was cast and I guess this makes me one of Aisha’s followers because now I want to try other things and improve life even more. Crazy? No, it really works and there is no way that it was just a coincidence.


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