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believe in all the good work Ms Aisha is doing

I ordered the Amun ra spell a while ago now and due to being busy have been unable to write anything as didn’t have Internet access. Some of my wishes have already come true and am just waiting for my big one to come true as well. I believe in all the good work Ms Aisha is doing and will definitely be using her services again. I am in poised anticipation of my Julia’s return.

Angelos, UK

Thank you

One word for Aisha ANGEL i love u so much thank you i am speechless thank you so much, god bless you my angel

Nitz, UK

He called, it worked instantly!!!

Dearest Aisha, and Miriam:
THANK YOU so much! You don’t know how grateful I am. I purchased a reinforcement a couple days ago, on top of that as I was waiting for confirmation from you, I emailed you crying to you because I just couldn’t take it anymore… (I hope you know who I am) I got your confirmation email today, and I swear 2 hours later… HE CALLED, it worked instantly!!!

And to the guestbook visitors/prospective clients:
Ms. Aisha and her family are true genuine spiritual workers, I cried almost every night wondering if I will ever talk to him, if he will ever show interest in me again… and i am seeing results, Aisha and Miriam have helped me get through this, and I know they are always here for me, because they say what they mean, and will always stick behind their words… I just want to hug them and show them how thankful I am to have encountered this experience.

Again, thank you Ms. Aisha, and Ms. Miriam you always said you would be here for me, and you really meant it.

Anonymous, IL

Never stop!

It is amazing that there are people such as Aisha Al Haadi Rahman who are able to help those who need it. We love you and support you through and through

Never stop girl!


Aisha is a caring person who listens

Well I have been very skeptical towards this sort of thing. But when I came across this site. I felt the hope that I hadn’t felt for months. My heart has been broken after 14 years of marriage. So I decided to try one of these spells. My problem is still not fixed but I can see much improvement in the situation. I am hopeful that the spell will work. I have been having vivid dreams with my husband and in the I see that he returns to me and asks me to forgive him.

Aisha is a caring person who listens and give you a clear suggestions. I will keep you posted and hope that the spell works and that I do not end up geting divorce.

Have a great Day!


It all worked out

I just wanted to say thank-you for everything. It has been an amazing journey, and everything worked out in the end…It’s everything I have asked for and more. Once again, thank-you.


Her powers are accurate and I have been blown away

I have been searching and have come close to been spiritually and mentally hurt. All my life I have struggled and battled with the things, I love the most.

Everything I asked for was taken away from me.

I am amazed and total believe that I have found Aisha. She is the most extraordinarily spiritual person on this earth. There is no one else like her here today. It is a spiritual truth and talented spiritual leader.

It is a true spiritual belief that has been running for thousands of years and I have been in search for Aisha for a very long time.

Her powers are accurate and I have been blown away. I had a one-month delay but then the love of my life called me and came to see me. I am waiting for his return to be permanent and forever. I am sure it will be as I have had a glimpse of what it would be like. That to me is very true and accurate.

I am more than grateful and proud of my self for not giving up and having faith that she is alive here on this earth and today.

Heart, Earth

It worked for me every time


I have been reading this guest book for some time now but never bothered to comment until today. Wanted to let you know that I am a fan and enjoy your work. It worked for me every time.


Wheels, USA

Thank You for RIGHT NOW, and the future

Aisha, Thank You for RIGHT NOW, and the future. I love the way I’ve been feeling lately. Such fantastic energy. You’ve helped me in so many ways already. I know I can say ‘thank you’ in advance, cause I know all is well. You’re a gift to this universe. What did we ever do to deserve you? Love always to you and your family. Blessed be.


Very excited

Well I truly wonder at times how I arrived here. But my heart has been broken by my husband of 14 years. In the devastation of the separation. I found this web site. I ordered the Amun Ra and the Reinforcement spell. I cannot wait to receive the talisman and get started. The more I read this web site the more excited I get. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks Aisha


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