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Very powerful results with Spells


SHOKRAN Thank you so much to YOU. I am so happy that you have made all my sweet dreams come true. Oh,I am so happy,I didn’t know how to be thankful to you; deep in my heart, I really admire your powers and everything you had helped me was just happening in a few days after I received the POWERFUL gifts you sent, it gives me such a very powerful results.

I am sooo happy. It now becoming more powerful each and everyday as I see and Always and forever I think it will be more powerful:) I am so happy…Oh,thank you so much to you AISHA…

I never trust any other person,but I ONLY trust YOU because YOU’RE THE BEAUTIFUL ANCIENT EGYPT THAT I EVER KNOW.You’re so wonderful of all and most powerful in the whole universe.

Now and Forever I only trust you and I will always keep in touch with you. SHOKRAN AISHA ANA BAHIBAK…

With respects and loves “Yunet”

Yunet, L.A., US

The powerful spells are working so well

Dear Aisha,

Hala, Aisha How Are You? Since I found your witchcraft website, I always have a very strong confident feeling about all of your spells. I love Egypt and I admire Egypt since a long time. I think I am one of the lucky girls to be able to receive your kindly help. Furthermore, You have made all things turn out to be possible to happen. The strongest powerful spells you’ve one for me are working so well. Now I just wait to marry to him. He is deeply in love with me and extremely crazy about me. Thank you so much Aisha.

You’re as the powerful as the ancient Egyptian goddess that come to fulfill all of my dreams & wishes. I feel extremely happy. I can’t believe that in this life everything can be possible to happen. Many things can come true and Aisha is the Only person to make all dreams come true, all goals to be achieve and all wishes to be granted.

There wouldn’t be enough words to describe how happy I am and how I want to be Thankful to Aisha for all of her help. Once again Thank you so much Aisha. SHOKRAN AISHA

Jenny, Southern California, Los Angeles

Thanks to you and your Love Spell

Aisha: I can’t really find the words to tell you how thankful I am. You kept your promise and so far everything is going great. He apologized for what he did, we’ve been seeing each other every week and he is even talking about marriage. I have to say all this is thanks to you and your spells and services, even though I’m still on the last part of the instructions, I know it is working. THANK YOU so much.

And everybody out there:

Don’t suffer anymore, I know you think you are taking the chances when you hear about white magic, witchcraft, spells and all…..but if you’re going to take the chances with Aisha…GO FOR IT! It’s worth it. Aisha, once again…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Much Love,

Green-eyes, California USA

Great for White Magic Spells

I think this is a great site if you are looking for white magic spells. They worked for me.


You are such a beautiful person

Dearest Aisha,

In light of what has happened in New York with the terrorist attacks I want to extend to you my thoughts and my prayers. You are such a beautiful person I can only hope that you are well. My deepest and most sincere wishes for your health are extended to you.

If only everyone was as loving as you this world would not experience the travesties that have occurred over the past days.

Yours dearly,


Isis Spell to Return Lost Love

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet you in real life. Our meeting left many positive memories and I would welcome the opportunity to use this space in your Egyptian witchcraft guest book to thank you for your help, for your time, for you caring and your beautiful heart.

You have given me back the joy in life and you have helped me when I was very down.

I have hired many witches, spell casters, white magic practitioners and magicians. They have promised me many things but except taking my money they did nothing for me. They didn’t even help me.

I am so thankful that you have helped me and you have given me back the trust in people and the trust in magic.

With this message I would like to let everybody know what a beautiful person you are and that everything you promise on your website is true. You don’t promise anything you can’t keep and please people don’t do the same mistakes I have done in the past. If you thinking about hiring a witch or a magician you have to go to Aisha Al Haadi Rahman.

In the beginning you have told me that my case is very complex and difficult but you were able to bring the love of my life back into my life and to secure my future financially.

Aisha, you are in my thoughts, my prayers and everywhere around me.

Without you I wouldn’t be myself again. You are the very very best person I have ever met in my life.

In deep love


Wonderfully welldone

…wonderfully welldone……

mr pendragon, ipoh perak, malaysia

I love your site

I just want to say that I love your site and I hope you make my wish come through.

Trisha Sookdeo, New York

Beauty and Weight Loss Magic

Since I divorced my husband, my life has not been the same since. I have gained so much weight, which made me lose confidence in myself. I’d go out with my girlfriends all the time and not even one man would approach me, all my girlfriends are surrounded by men except me. I was so lonely and depressed sometimes I even stayed in for weeks without sitting a foot out of my apartment door.

I am so glad I have found you. You have given a gift of the new me.

Since you’ve sent me the fetish my life suddenly took a whole new exciting turn. I became a magnet for men, I am loving all the attention that I am getting. I feel so good about myself. So far I have been on 11 dates and I am loving every minute of it. All my girlfriends are asking me if I did something, I guess they’re all jealous that a 200 lbs woman can get all the fine men to date her.

I am smiling from ear to ear. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very very much.

Colleen, Virginia

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