Last updated: Thursday, December 7th 2023

Testimonials found on have been sent to us by clients and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience. All results vary depending on the case and the situation at hand.

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Dreams come true

Thank you Aisha for everything you are doing for me, for all your patience and being there whenever I need you.

I am sure that your spell will make my dream come true. Your last spell worked wonderful for me.


I practice Witchcraft

I also practice witchcraft and do spells. I am going to use Aisha’s services for myself. She has been very kind and gracious with my questions. I believe she is truly a gem and is going to help bring relief finally to my situation. Oh and I love your website.


Hi, I love the site! I am an new witch and am currently researching Ancient Egyptian gods as per my deities!

Moonbeam, England

Love your Site

Love your site

Hope that you will make lots of more people happy again.

Esther, Washington, USA

Every day I am getting stronger and stronger results

If you consider purchasing one of Aisha’s love spells, I have to tell you-you won’t regret it. I had the worst break-up with my boyfriend that you can think of, and everything seemed like there is no chance for us what so ever. I was devastated, I was in worst stage of depression that you can imagine. So what I did, I have tried all this witchcraft stuff on the Internet, I hired so many so called mediums, witches, spell casters, etc. I spent thousand of dollars, only to be left even more heart broken than before. And then one day I found Aisha. I really think, even today that it was not an accident that I found her, it was that God saw my pain from the above and sent Aisha to me. I have ordered the power ritual love spell from Aisha, and even before my fetish arrived I was for the first time in over a year felt that me and the love of my life will be together again. We are in contact for the first time in over a year, and even my wish did not completely came true, I have to tell you that every day I am getting stronger and stronger results, and the thing is he is the one who seems that wants to be in contact with me. It is hard to believe, because all this time he rejected every single attempt of mine. And I know, we will be together. So, if you believe in magic, if you believe in supernatural stuff and witchcraft that could help you resolve your problems, I can tell you that you won’t regret, if you ever take Aisha help in consideration. There is no words to express what Aisha did for me for such a small amount of money. I am sure that I will be always coming back to her. I love you Aisha with all my heart.

Elaine, Canada

Strength of the Witchcraft Spell

Even though my wish did not yet come true, I do believe in the power and the strength of the witchcraft spell which you did for me a short while ago. Every time I needed somebody to talk to, you were always there.

You gave me back the strength to look forward into a brighter future. Since I am in contact with you I have the faith, that I will be together again with the person I do love so much. And you brought me back the ability to see the world in its real beauty. Before I got in touch with you I though that I lost all of those wonderful feelings forever.

I hope I will be able to post an entry in your guest book soon and let everybody know that the spell you did for me did become reality. I DO believe in that, from the bottom of my heart (even though I sometimes still have to work on my patience).

Best regards,

S., Germany

Try Spells

I’ll give it a whirl !

Craig Meyer, Edmonton, Canada

Aisha is extremely powerful

Aisha is very nice and extremely powerful. Put your trust and faith in her she will help you and get immediate results with her spells.

Linda Gregg, New Canton, VA

Everything worked out Great with my Spells

Hello my name is Terri and I would like everyone to know how kind and helpful Aisha is. She did some spell work for me and everything worked out great!

Thanks again Aisha for all of your kindness. I just wanted to share my positive results with all.

Terri, Minneapolis

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