Egyptian magic is the most ancient way to heal one’s body and provide prosperity in life. Egyptian health and prosperity spells are the most ingenious ways, by which one could gain better health and prosperity. Egyptian magical spells and medicines go hand in had as both are complimentary to each other; a number of medicinal herbs and aromatic plants combine together with magical rituals to provide health and prosperity to the afflicted and disease ridden people.

In the ancient Egypt, mortality of small children and just born was a serious concern and people used magical spells to ward off invisible spirits and influences to ensure better survival. Procreation was of paramount importance and critical need, while performing the magical rites to ensure personal protection, as well as protection to the entire family.

The sacred bull Serapis and the god Min helped men in treating impotency, only when offered a natural aphrodisiac, the lettuce. Child birth was an important event, when gods and goddesses like Hathor, Nekhbet, Khnum, Bes, and others were requested to come to the newborn’s and mother’s assistance. Many types of illnesses and diseases were treatable by casting off evil spirits and demons, by wearing different types of amulets and talisman. There are several varieties of healing plaques invoking the god Horus, found in tombs and temples.

Here are some types of amulets that ensured better life, good health and prosperity to people, when they wore them day and night:

  • The Egyptian Ankh is the essential key of Life. This strongly protective and rejuvenating amulet is for good health, riches, mental peace, prosperity and long life.
  • Isis is the main god and patron of children, women, magic and medicine. Revered as a great protector and always looked for divine guidance. When a person wears this great pendant, he or she can get the power of knowledge and wisdom of the great Egyptian Goddess.
  • In ancient Mythology, the Egyptian God Anubis probed the worth of the dead by weighing his own heart against a lightweight feather.
  • One of the most revered symbols in Egyptian mythology, the Scarab amulet is associated with many Sun Gods. This healing amulet offers personal protection, boldness and courage to the wearer.
  • Wadjet is the Egyptian god of justice. This great snake amulet provides all the wisdom and guidance to wearer, and it ensures that the wearer will never face any danger in the day today life.
  • Carnelian is the most famous material used for Egyptian magic spells to ward off evil influences and to protect both the living and dead. Carnelian increases one’s vitality and drive for life. Myrrh and Frankincense were the most cherished herbal materials for both magic as well as medicinal drugs.
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