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Making dreams come true

I love this site and Aisha is really amazing and great person with great power. I cannot disclose the spell but last time I had very positive result and was very satisfied with the spell. Her spells work great and are very powerful, I felt the result within a week, we just have to be positive and will see the result. This is my second time for my spell and very happy that she is there to help me. Thank You very much Aisha for making my dreams come true.

Syed, USA

Oh my gosh…it worked!

Oh my gosh…it worked! thank you SO much Aisha, I was so scared it wouldn’t, i remembered to stay positive about it. I texted him a few days ago and told him how i felt and how much i missed him. He thought about it and texted me the next day and said he missed being with me too. He just needs to talk to his mom and then we can date. Thank you SO much, you gave me happiness again Aisha. Thank you <3
Gratefully yours.


I saw a lot of changes

Dear Aisha, thank you so much for helping me in my problem. As you promise, I saw a lot of changes right Now. My husband treat me now nicely and he always visit us. Me and my kids are Very Happy.:-) and now I’m waiting for my final result..may god bless you

F., FL

I am glad I am here

I have been through a lot of problems for the last 4 years. My husband and the love of my life left me and our kids. I done the impossible to try to make him come home but nothing worked. Spoke to thousands of psychics and they all had different outcomes for me and it made me worst. I was giving up and I thought my life is going to be a heartache for ever. Yesterday I was searching for candles on line to bring a good vibe in my household and this site came my way. I saw the hope. I emailed Aisha for a consultation and she emailed back purchased what I needed and I hope things will work and he comes back to us.

I will keep it posted and let everyone know how it went.

Very Hurt, US

Karma has many surprises

Its been right at a year, after giving up all hope??? The day i completed the process I met a new person that same day??? I have been with someone else for almost a year but had somewhat kept in touch with the guy I was in love with … I really thought it was totally over and I was in love with this other guy but, last month we rekindled our friendship and although I can’t say we are totally in a serious relationship??? He told me he loved me and asked me what I wanted?? I am totally almost in shock and can only thank God and of course Aisha!! I still need advise but, I just wanted to say sometimes when you take your hands out of the situation and just almost give up… things happen sooo please be patient with these things as karma has many surprise…. as I never thought in a million years I would be with him after a year….Thanks soo much

S., Tampa

What’s important

If it needs one month, two, or three… I think it doesn’t really matter, the important thing is that it will work.

Woman, Germany

Thank you

Thank you thank you thank you

Jackie, Scotland

A special brand of magic

Here’s wishing that the whole world will one day know about the tranquility you offer, Aisha! I’m probably your biggest fan! You have helped me when I was so far away from my own sense of Spirit, I didn’t know where to turn. NO ONE could have helped me the way you did. It’s your own special brand of magic, and for that I am eternally grateful.

She offers wonderful services

She offers wonderful services and i feel sorry for those who get misled by the lies about her all over the world wide web. She correctly writes on her site, ‘My work speaks the truth’ Besides this, the music feature is so revitalising. I’ve never heard such wonderful Egyptian music anywhere. It really helped me to lift my mood.


I can already feel the deep engery

Hi Aisha,

I just bought a spell from you for the first time and I have so much faith in you it will happen. I read through your guestbook which really encouraged me to have trust in you.

Now I’m just waiting and I can already feel the deep engery going through my body.

I will keep you posted.

Best wishes

Daniela, Miami, FL

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