The prime necessity for anyone working in the depth of the divine—be it Egyptian Arts; Tibetan, Vajra Crown, Black Hat; Scot Highlander work of Celt origin; or, any of the mighty arts—is integrity.  As with any profound spiritual study, integrity of purpose is the foundation.  When we form a strong footing, we can stay with white magic no matter how intense the ride.  Then, gradually the practitioner be comes an Authentic just like any genuine practitioner.

We take the time to seek out an Authentic—a feet-on-earth, real-world practitioner. We begin to learn that, in the great universal scale, each of us is all important, as are all other things. We temper our own egos, balance them with everything: animate, inanimate, living, organic, inorganic, and so on—there is no longer separation, no room for isolating or other frivolous activity. We shed ego and operate in the vast, unending, realm of full spaciousness.

Working with Practitioners

We drop our ego’s brand of importance and work with the practitioner.  We recognize gravity of the relationship with our spell guide.  The lineage is long and the information, passed through the centuries—sometimes in the face of grave danger—has been, and must be kept to oneself.  The practitioner provides organic and inorganic items required for the work at hand.  The guide provides tools like amulets and all other Spirit Caster materials—the magic of a true, grounded provider is stunning.  Bells and whistles, dog and pony shows are not required, but dazzling manifestations are not beyond the scope of the work.

The practitioner learn that Spirits are everywhere and that all forms of casting have their unique tributes, though certain venues like Egyptian Witchcraft are renown for their effectiveness.  Dropping fear is part and parcel of dropping ego—Egyptian Witchcraft is no longer scary, it abounds in clear light and happiness.  You will meld with your shadow energy and move on, past boundaries and the limitations of the frightened.

The novice learns that Karma is not a system of “Brownie Points,” so no part of it can be taken away—the truth only makes one’s vitality flow.   The energy is immense, fast and Spell Casting is strengthened by the practitioner’s integrity.  No matter what the work: returning a lost lover; finding a true love; re-bonding with your perfect love interest; moving into marriage; developing the courage to jump-start the polarity required for fulfilling Eros;  mending auras, cleansing Karma, riding dreams—the Practioner continues to open.

Spell Casting in Witchcraft

In all the ages since the last great Ice Age, some forty-odd thousand years ago Homo sapiens have harnessed the overflowing energy of the universe, channeling it through our own beings.  We have enlisted these great spirit-flows and some are so powerful, like the Witchcraft of Egyptian history.  The middle class has attempted to exterminate these great understandings and stuff them into the crevices of the earth.  The bureaucracies designed by the wealthy to control the working people attempt to hide all phenomenon that is beyond the repression of governments and their armies.  At times, the truths must lie in the shadows of human society for decades. Condemned by the church and forced to secrecy, the practitioners of witchcraft have had to hide many times.

However, the Great Secrets can never be repressed—it simply cannot be done due to the vast power of the Truth.  Spells and practitioners must always be vigilant about revealing their work because the energy must be conserved.  Thus, Spell Casters make certain that the understandings are handed down, ear to ear, heart to heart, soul to soul, lips to sound.  This great learning takes through the generations of family and groups of seekers, always, at all times, from century to century.

All children are expressions of the Great Love.  It is easily seen, the resultant effects are very clear as well.  This Love is a visual understanding of the Ray of Creation, the vast power of the universe.  Every manifestation is of very deep importance—the child continues to radiate if powerful love flowed between the parents during the conception. This continues until the parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, ancestors, community, society, the nation, and the antagonist nations bludgeon the joy from the child by the incessant use of “no” and all the array of negatives used to “teach” children which means to “whip them into shape” until they must study with gurus, psychologists, teachers, masters and every type of mechanic-of-the-psyche to help them re-kindle contact with that radiant creature in the cradle.  The practitioner sees all of these attributes in the Practitioner immediately.

A Practitioner’s Calling and the Flow of Energy

This is the practitioner’s calling—to make contact with the original spirit that flowed through the Practioner so readily as babies, and use it to read the power of a spell and how it will serve a recipient.  We are all the Children of the Universe and any fine Spell Caster brings us back, delivers us to that condition, which we call magic.  Actually, the state is the Ordinary—but our spirits have been so bludgeoned that we must learn to stand bare-naked again.

Our true Magic is that flow of energy—this has been known clearly for scores of generations. The flow knows the great messages of the Egyptian Magic and all the spirits who are an actual continuum.  The spirits are with us continually and the true-heart Spell Caster tunes in and channels all of their energy through us.

They move independently as winds and breezes do, as they travel the universes working with the forces at play: gravity, the large atomic, the small atomic, gravity.  These spirit manifestations are the radiance of the forces.  Some come to us as powerfully as the huge North wind which the Egyptian practitioner, the Magicians gave over to Osiris.  Some spirits have powers of their own and it’s those that we command. We use Witchcraft to summon and command them with the practitioner’s guidance.

Practitioners and the Dark Side

The dark, the shadow side, was understood clearly in Egypt.  However, now, with so much fear manifest on earth via the rapid communications systems like television, radio, the net, we see a complete, global terror of the great forms of the shadow.  Our true darkness, our deep powers—strength that is genetically imprinted in our triune brains, our deepest protectorate of the creature we are has grown suspect.

In reality, the reptilian brain is our guardian—not only does it move into combat against bacteria, and protection from landslides, from all natural killers, but it controls the way we balance our lungs in a room, in a smog filled environment, the way we breathe, the way we seek food for the creature’s survival.

Our shadow is an embodiment of light itself, it is there for all enlightened creatures, adjusting our eyes for the morning, for the falling of darkness.  We have now entrenched the fear of darkness into many of our children, excepting the very fortunate who still roam the outdoor environment in the middle of the night, learning the spine tingling thrill of the darkness.  On a dark, dark night—outside the built environment—a human who has never been infected with petty fears, or has transcended them, can feel the mass of spirit, the flow of the great lightness-of-being right there in the dark.  The practitioner can open to it and be moved to the bottom of their soul with it’s all-embracing, silent power.  The true practitioner will pick up on the practioner’s relationship with the Shadow Side and work with it clearly and profoundly.

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