For forty thousand years or so, humans have been on uthenn immense walk-about, a settling of the earth. Since the times when Homo sapiens trekked up north, up from the central coast on the east of Africa, settled Egypt and walked on, traipsing about the whole planet, spirits have been very important to people. They are brought to play in all magical activities and very much alive and active with all people who venture into the shadow.

Invocations, summoning devices like hand made wooden and fiber whistles, woven sprit catchers, masterfully designed from wood and stone and many types of fibrous products have been with us since the beginning. As metallurgy and the mastery of cutting and carving of rock and gem stones increased in popularity and crafts grew, more and more fine spirit contact devices arose.

The Skills of Working with Spirits

Humans skills in working with the powerful spirits grew and grew. Spirits of all sorts: the sun, the moon, the heavenly bodies, water courses, animals of all types, insects and on and on and on—the have been used to make dreams come true, to control forces, to move in any direction. The use of Egyptian Witchcraft to summon many spirits and control them has been handed down through generation after generation.

The common knowledge is that spirits are very active and transcend situations, that the are not influenced by a person’s belief. Egyptian spirits don’t have problems working with a Copt or a Roman Catholic—the person might stumble over their belief system, but the spirit can wade through anything. They understand the summoner completely and listen and communicate through all seeming barriers. Their missions are not hampered by mundane, human thinking. They don’t stumble over what you believe. They listen to us, so tell them what you wish for and they will move through you, showing you what to do.

The spirits don’t care if a person has been to other spell casters. They are very spry and vigorous and move right past what humans see as barriers. Even subjects like money that often cause humans to hem-and-haw don’t even phase spirits.

Spirits and History

Since the early times in Egypt, the spirits have been known for their great strength. The knowledge comes down from antiquity. Through all time, they have been given great responsibility in many situations. When summoned, they can be on the scene within moments, or as far out as several months, depending on their nature. In most cases a new spirit does not interfere with the spell work of another, but some spell casters prefer to work with a clean slate.

The Power Ritual Combo, Amun Ra Ritual Spells and Cleopatra Spells provide just that.

In antiquity, the Egyptians worked extensively with the natural spirit-beings, which are active within everything the world has to offer. The gods and the spirits worked freely with one another. Today, dog headed apes representing daybreak herself, coming in with the great morning chorus of the birds, singing their own chorus for Râ as he raised himself from slumber might be a bit of a shocking thought for some. But the world of spirits was the same then, as it is now—only our interpretation of the world around us changes.

Todays love spells are still based on ancient spirit invocations.

The History

In the early days, if a damsel meandering along out in the peaceful eddies of the Nile, along her opulent shoreline was surprised by a threatening creature from the deep, she could pull up spirits on her own. To avoid this ominous critter, she stood before the cabin of the boat and, taking a humble, hard boiled egg from her lunch basket, she could use it’s fertility powers as the spirit to call on Amsu of Coptos and run beast off in a hurry.

For the people of Egypt, most probably back into pre-history—back, even before the Kaitians calling on spirits offered great curative aid. Peoples all over the earth, even today, in the age of Electrons, used the precious oils from plants, and teas to work with their bodies, which use the play of their spirits to perform their cleansing and refreshing rituals.

Understanding Spirits

Even now, in the Americas, so wild with the desire to own endless amounts of worldly possessions—many indigenous people use their conversations with plant and animal spirits as a curative technique for working with the body and psychological traumas. The amazing twist in this technique is that they also use these conversations with spirits to drop ego and move forward on the path to enlightened mind.

Spirits and the Human Body

Anyone who tries to exist using left brain’s reasoning alone is stuck, living in a barren world. Imagine attempting to heal onself with the corporate pharmacopeia alone. The same held true four millennia back with Egypt in her great construction period—trying to reason one’s way through illness doesn’t take into account the facts. Even a 21st century physician handing out scripts from the drug corporations will immediately corroborate that the immune system itself is an amazing fighter, absolutely unbelievable. It pulls off miracles every day of the week, cures situations that look absolutely hopeless. The immune system is rife with an amazing spirit life that can’t be explained with a quadrille pad.

The question with our imagined doctor is—what is the force that drives the immune system? Can it be that good and evil spirits mean exactly the same thing to our proponent of so-called modern medicine as they did to a so-called “witch” doctor among the Kamitians?

Through the centuries words that we equate with “science” have taken on great validity—they often cement us into contemporary beliefs. At the same time terms like “spirit” have been labeled “airy fairy,” “witch” stuff to which, only crackpots pay attention.

But lets transcend the ego for a moment here and try to step outside the box, outside arguing to prove that we are right and the other is wrong, and look at what is actually taking place. If the immune system requires numerous compounds like amino acids, and an array of minerals to propel it through a viral invasion, a swarm of cancer cells—and even the most empirical, contemporary Doctor of Medicine will confirm that a person with a strong desire to live, a powerful interest in being up and about and diving into existence simply for that joy, then what is this impetus that appears to drive the immune system in utilizing her chemical tools?

Is there a grave syntax error in exchanging the term spirit, for the phrase driving-force-behind the man’s immune system? Come on! We all know the answer to that one. Even the most dry pedant from the chemical-medicine industry would chip in: sure, the guy has a really strong spirit. That’s how he whipped that cancer.”

When asked if the person’s finding the power to whip the illness was a miracle, we can again imagine our “sober” man. He twists on the ball of his foot and looks down nervously: “miracles,” he sniggers. “come on. But I will tell you that the guy has a heck of a strong spirit.”

Still there was no empirical explanation of what this intangible ingredient happened to be? There is a powerful trend to avoid the fact of Spirit—it set the healing person’s immune system afire and whipped the cancer cells, but it can’t be a miracle and there is no encyclopedic definition of what that force that boosted the immune system happens to be built from, no schematic of how it governed the man’s recovery.

Spirits and the Human Mind

A large, “empirical” percentage of our population gets edgy when we are going to call in spirits. And, at the same time, they will concur that “attitude,” a robust joy of life will raise the spirit of anyone, even enough for miraculous comebacks—but of course, these are not miracles in the sense that spirits are not everyday allies.

We get balled up in words, and forget that one of our most amazing qualities is our ability to intuit the truth of any situation. We don’t need to prove our actions for them to be valid. Whatever that force utilized by the person who has a lot of “spirit” that drives their immune system, we can sense it. And we can call all the spirits up just as we can raise the channels of our elan vital. We might use the words of a friend to raise the elan for our battle if we are in the dumps, and we might use a spirit guide to raise other spirits that our elan for other tasks, but in the end, channeling spirits came into action some time after the last ice age, and bloomed toward fruition in Egypt as humans trekked north to discover the rest of the planet.

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