Ancient Egyptian magic spells are as well known as the architectural wonders, and gods and goddesses. For centuries, Egyptians have been preoccupied with the supernatural, and magic spells and charms.

Many Egyptian spells involved cosmic invocations to ward off evil spirits and cure illnesses.

As everyone thought, Egyptian Magic is not only powerful and serious, but also very light hearted and well meaning!

Early Egyptians used magic to cast ancient love spells on both men and women to mend their relationship and marriages and to seduce people to derive bliss and contentment.

Case Analysis and Spell Recommendation

Different Types of Love Magic

How Love Rituals are Performed

To cast love spells, the magician will perform several rituals, by gaining the help of a divine force called daimon; a daimon is magician’s assistant or a parhaedros. When a magician provides a command to these daimons, they will do a number of things that are the need of the hour. The main goal of binding or is to harm or obstruct a planned victim. Many a time, these daimones will accomplish many tasks by using a number of techniques. One of them might appear in dreams of the victims, or to induce deep sleep to accomplish the goal of a love spell. There are also different types of love magic, or spells of attraction, where a woman will come to the site for different reasons, many times for sexual reasons alone. There many types of spells based on the needs and requirements of the person and a magician will use the following steps to cast those rituals:

Preparation of the love spell

This step involves collecting and accumulating all necessary ingredients in the right location, along with the concerned individuals.

Overture of the love magic

Here, one starts the actual ritual consisting of spells, incantation or the desired invocation required for the love magic. It will also create the right type of environment and buttresses the communion effect among the participants.

Invocation procedures

The invocation or the chanting of words of power is the actual part of the main ceremony with the active cooperation of supernatural and divine forces in the ideological forms of a deity, god or goddess.

The Execution step

It is where the ritualized magical act of love spells are correctly coordinated and carried out.

Materials used in Ancient Egyptian Love Magic

A love spell-caster may use several materials and items to cast his spells; such materials are mostly biological materials belonging to the victim. One of the well-known materials used to induce love magic is the victim’s hair strands or even nail pieces. Some magicians may also command the opposite sex to consume some sort of aphrodisiacs that puts them under the spell of love and affection. One of the most popular natural aphrodisiacs is the Mandrake roots that can cast very effective love spells, when the opposite party consumes its potion. Magical rituals also involved making one to drink a magic potion soon after the magical spell. Lettuce is another natural aphrodisiac that can cast love spells among with the classical rituals.

Several types of aromatic plants, soil and metals also find their place in love casting procedures:

  • Malachite: It is a green stone that provides joy and happiness
  • Myrrh: It is the incense of goddess of love, Hathor.
  • Phallus: It is the symbol of fertility and birth.

More about the plants, materials and tools used in Egyptian Magic

Deities used in Ancient Egyptian Love Magic

In ancient Egypt, almost all love magic had a special deity attached to it and many of them are the most famous and highly revered deities like:


It is the breed of bull relating to the god of Memphis, god Ptah. He is a symbol of fertility and childbirth. More about Apis


It is the cat god that provides love and affection for the dear ones


The eternal goddess for love, affinity, sex, dance, music and joy. More about Hathor


He is the god of fertility adorned with an erect phallus. More about Min

More Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

The Early Beginnings of Egyptian Love Magic

Since the ancient Egyptian periods, five or six thousand years ago, somewhere after we began to form current civilization—the deep fertility of sewing grains like wheat, rye and millet brought people closer to large population centers. With the coming together, widespread information about Love Magic started to become more and more well known. Since those amazing times during the early days of recorded history, Spells have been hot and righteous. The gathering of tribes opened a broad slate of magic to all the people. From the love-lorn among the Egyptian Royalty, right down the economic scale to the Lovers plowing fields, Spell Casting blossomed.

Those earthy beginnings brought on wave after wave of new lovers who were frightened, shy, reserved—or just plain old lost—and required aids for wading through the swamps of Love. Translation from ancient hieroglyphs and other anthropological findings, down to today’s overwhelm-of-data on the net is very complex and not always clearly understood. But now, there is very clear indication that love magic, no matter whether to move into wedlock with a known soul mate, or to find Love, have been with us since long before modern civilizations. Ancient Egypt, clear back to the Kamitians, opened us to a vast array of amorous Spell Casting, and it has come right down to us, is still in the air today.

The Benefits of Magic for Lovers

The goal, when using magic for lovers—as is always the case with True Love—is to never manipulate but to do powerful work, with right intent. Bring forth the great qualities of the sweethearts. Then they are able to overcome the endless subterfuge, the unending bulwarks, the heart rendering road blocks that those meandering through unrequited Love must vanquish in order to fall into the arms of their Lover.

Since those early days along the fertile shores of the Nile, high quality, genuine Lover’s Spells—as is clearly seen, even today—are only designed and used to open the heart and soul of the lost Lovers. This is done so thoroughly that they can utilize the great potencies of Love herself for to consummate True Love. Because real-world Love Spells are of such deep integrity, there is no room for contrived behavior. Love only moves forward.

Not only is love magic of great use when searching for intimacy, it boils over in the realm of rekindling. If the sweethearts have been removed from contact, been forced into exile, called up by military, education or other uncompromising situations the power to bring them together is remarkable.

The Potency of Egyptian Love Magic

Authentic Spell work has remained surprisingly potent and deeply grounded in integrity for a great many centuries. How can they miss when even such esteemed texts as The Egyptian Book of the Book of the Dead, show us what a wonderful feel spells have—how steadying the never-ending framework they provide can be for lovers. The text has exotic thoughts in it: “. . . even with the Great Cackle, they still have a strong, deep wonderful feel to them . . . keep watch over the Egg of the Great Cackler; I germinate as it germinateth; I live as it liveth; and my breath is its breath . . . .”

But the overall calm one comes away with can not be denied.

We know that the power to reunite Lovers, fix broken relationships, win back a lost fiancé, stop separation and divorce, and create an eternal Love bond between two souls has been known since many millennia in the past.

Egyptian Love Magic in Modern Times

What about today, in the world of virtual-hyper-space? Do the Spells for the beloved travel up and down, riding the beams that flow between us and the satellites? Do the Love Signals travel globally over the net? Is there some possibility that they may even travel in a tight network all over the earth via the intricate, interlacing of the electromagnetic fields? The answer is yes on all counts. The scientists may not have pieced all the amazing intricacies of Love Magic together yet. But we do know that in modern times as well as days of yore, they help the lovers transcend. With the Magic of Integrity, the no-nos, the false rules, the limitations, the tragic barriers that society—and even the natural environment herself—the lovers can be hurl toward one another.

The Antiquities in Love Magic

The antiquities are never lost in any down-to-earth Egyptian Love Spell. From the ancient times on, the Earth’s staggering powers were incorporated into casting and all parts of the Magic. The great north wind flowed in the command of Osiris. Râ held rein of the south wind blowing up from mother Africa. The west wind seared in off the North African shore, through Alexandria and across the Egyptian land mass as Isis channeled his scorching power. And the east wind in from the Asian lands and waters bowed to Nephthy’s great skill.

With the herculean, Egyptian depth of understanding—her great, occult knowledge, so profound, and seen in such amazing manifestations as the pyramids—lovers could even move through the love portals during and after passing to the next life. Pictures of the four portals of the wind provided mastery over the doors through which the winds blew. On the coffin, Thoth provided the needed humph.

“Let none who is outside know this chapter, for it is a great mystery, and those who dwell in the swamps (i.e., the ignorant) know it not. Thou shalt not do this in the presence of any person except thy father, or thy son, or thyself alone; for it is indeed an exceedingly great mystery which no man whatever knoweth.”

Even today’s translations of the ancient texts are rife with mystery. Hope always remained for those deprived of their beloved. Amun Ra’s boat, provided an amazing ride after the death of the lovers, and Osiris joined the procession—these spells required the use of deep-intent phrasing of the spells.

Back in the Day of Egyptian Magic

Around four millennia back, it is said that Hesepti began painting boats on papyrus as a part of the passing over. In the book of the dead, the boats are made of green porcelain and purified with incense. An image of the lovers rides in the boat, and it is closely guarded. The chapter of the book of the dead is recited while standing over a hawk with a white crown. A figure of the lover’s spirit is present and anointed with oil and incense burned and all of the parts of detailed, Egyptian ritual enacted. Lovers, through complex ceremony, pass on to the other side.

The fine art of Egyptian icons explores many themes related to subjects that are of great confusion to the masses. Death continues to frighten people who are not well trained in the ability to drop the fear of passing. In Egyptian love work, we see the beloved’s spirit just above the deceased, and the icon of the after-body at a door swung open, illustrating that the lovers might come-and-go, and their earliest love potions forever keep them melded, spirit to spirit.

What application can these tales from the ancients have in this time of The Matrix, of sound-byte humans, bulleted thinking, of children hurled along on the propulsion of their synapses, soaring through infinite cyberspace. Sometimes over looked, overshadowed by melodrama, we may forget that the truly amazing quality of a Love Spell is its grounding potential. After all, no matter what is said, love is always the weft upon which we weave of the survival of the race. The love song, the love story, the love metaphor, the lover’s drama, the love spell: all are woven so deeply into our collective human psyche that they are not simply important—we must have them in order to survive the endless curve balls that a life hurls our way.

As we were in the early days…

The great centers of collective human understanding tend to flourish then move on to another location: Atlantis, Mesopotamia, Kamitia, Egypt. They attract all great powers, minds, research for a moment in Homo sapiens’s desire for understanding of the great mystery that surrounds us. We can look back several millennia, and imagine that we are riding the Sphinx to gain personal overview. We can take a leap forward, right over the shoulder of her resplendent mystery.

In our forward lunge, we can see that the truth of love is found everywhere. Even in our simple, popular songs, the balladeers wring out the old verities of the heart, the words that bring us to tears and deep, deep understanding of what a spell is actually designed to achieve.

“It’s still the same old story, the fight for love and glory. The world depends on lovers as time goes by.”

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