Those two words alone would cause many people to either giggle or shudder, depending on how far their belief in the occult stretches. Black magic is a term that almost everyone is familiar with and, whatever their view is and whether they believe in it or not, everyone knows at least a little bit about it.

However, not many people are aware that this kind of magic doesn’t necessarily have to propagate pain and suffering (you can even have black magic love spells, as will be explained later), although these are applications of dark magic.

In fact, it can be used to assist you as opposed to directly attacking others, but this does often come via more malevolent methods with black magic than with white magic.

Often, those who disagree with black magic will complain of the negative effects it causes. However, practitioners of the dark arts know that it can be perfectly fine when used sparingly and with the right intent behind it. As with any type of magic, it relies almost entirely on the intent of the spell caster as opposed to the actual content of the spell.

There is a law amongst the magickal community which suggests that any bad spells you cast will eventually come back at you threefold. This is why it is frowned upon to practice evil magic, as the consequences for yourself are usually even worse than the effects on the person you are casting a spell on.

Difference Between Black Magic and White Magic

Some believe there is no such thing as black or white magic and that all magic should be intended to do no harm.  Nevertheless, there are practitioners of “dark magic” that draw upon malevolent spirits, gods, or malevolent powers in order to invoke their energy in a spell.  The uses would be to steal, kill, cause misfortune, harm, or destroy another person for the purposes of personal gain.  When most people call something “black magic”, it is a negative thing describing those who engage in those practices.

Much of black magic is done using rituals. There are group and coven rituals that are performed with the intention of harming another person. Not all dark magic is malevolent, and some spells and rituals exist that help people and have benevolent purposes.  For example, you can use black magic to get rid of pests or diseases.  The pests are harmed, but they are not the same as harming human beings.  This can create good for human beings.

Examples of Black Magic Spells

Curses and Hexes

These are broadly any kind of spell directed towards someone else, usually for malevolent purposes. They can range from something as rudimentary as wishing something bad on someone all the way up to a complex and intricate ritual.


This is properly defined as any kind of magic that relates to death, but it is mostly applied to the act of raising people from the dead.

Immortal Rituals

These are spells that attempt to extend the life of the practitioner. They are usually evil spells, particularly if the practitioner is kept alive by draining the life force from another person.

True Name Spells

The concept of true name magic spells comes from the belief that knowing a person’s “true name” as opposed to simply the name they were given at birth gives the practitioner full control over that person, either for evil reasons or more honorable purposes, such as freeing someone from a difficult mental state.

As we briefly touched upon earlier, another purpose of this magickal branch is black magic love spells used to bring great happiness to the client, but potentially at the expense of another. An example of a black magic love spell is that of selfishly breaking a couple up, possibly so that another person can advance on one of the people or force a member of the opposite sex to like them via magic.

To conclude, black magic can be useful. However, anyone looking to try it must be aware of all of the potentially involved risks and ensure the spell is actually what you want and that the source where you found it is reputable and isn’t likely to be messing you around. Other than that, all we can say is be careful and be sure that this is what you really want.

Black magic spells must only be used with the right intent and should never be used to harm another human being or animal. This website does not endorse the use of its spells to cause harm.


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