One of the most common question I receive is in regards to the threefold law. Egyptian magic is powerful magic.

Not only can it help you find the love you want in your life, but you can also keep that lover in your life with these magic spells.

What you might worry about, however, is the power of the threefold law.

Knowing how your actions and your spells affect others as well as yourself is the first step to responsible magic and magic which will work for your needs.

What the Threefold Law Says

The threefold law simply states that whatever you send out into the universe, you will get back three times.  So, if you send out bad things, then you’re going to get the same bad things back in your life, three times as bad.  Conversely, if you send out good energies, you will get these good energies back in your life three times.  Thus, it makes sense to only send out good energy and magic spells as you don’t want to have negative things happen to you.

Why Egyptian Magic Spells are Okay

With Egyptian magic spells, since you’re only sending out good intentions that do not harm anyone, the threefold law will not apply. The threefold law mainly applies to Wiccan spells. Wiccans are strong believers of this law and it certainly applies to those, that follow the religion of Wicca. In Egyptian Magic you are not going to be sending anyone any negative intentions and you’re not going to be forcing anyone against their will to do something they don’t want to do – a karmic and threefold law no-no.  Instead, you will be working with the threefold law to enhance the positive feelings you have to produce the positive results you want.

First off all, the threefold law doesn’t apply to Egyptian magic spells, and secondly you’re not going to have any ill effects, you will only see the positive side of your magic spells – three times over.

I hope this clears up a lot of questions in regards to the threefold law.

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