Dear Clients and Friends,

I do sometimes receive emails from people that are extremely skeptical about me, my services and magic in general.

Since I have nothing to hide I would like to shed some light on a couple of issues and answer these questions right here.

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1. Are you a scam artist? What are your spiritual and ethical values?

No, I never once lied to any one nor do I have any intentions to. I consider myself to be an utterly kind and honest woman. My main goal is to help you in anyway I can. My intentions for you are pristine. I put all my heart and soul in all my spell work, I take every case with the highest respect and priority. Every one is important and equal. I judge no one, I hate no one, I hurt no one, no matter what.

I never once deceived you nor will I ever deceive you. I refuse to fill you up with false hopes and intentional lies. I make no promises nor do I guarantee miracles. However, rest assured and take refuge in the fact, that I guarantee you a safe and rewarding spiritual journey in the most safest, beneficial, and efficient manner.

I have helped countless of souls to be reunited with their loved ones, eradicated financial hardships and introduced prosperity, love and utter joy into many souls lives… I must humbly say that I have brought miracles to reality and happiness to humanity.

People from all walks of life visit my website to experience positive energy, to find hope, to find strengths, to find motivation and of course a final solution to their problems. I am offering this in the most authentic form possible.

That’s why I include your biological materials in the spell and why you receive a talisman, a talisman charged with the energies of your spell, after the completion of the spell. The purpose of my talismans is, that you and only you receive the utter reinforcement of your spell. You can hold it in your hands and you can see and touch and feel close with the spiritual world. Once it arrives and you touch it for the first time you know that you are dealing with authentic spiritual work. You will know for sure that spell work has been undertaken on your behalf and you can hold the product of it in your hands. You will feel it, you will experience it.

I’ve made this website as transparent as possible. Please take the time to read it. You will know everything you need to know by reading my website.

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2. Are you ignoring your clients after you have received your money?

No, I have never ignored a client, nor will I ever ignore a clients. This would be against my spiritual as well as my ethical beliefs. Please keep in mind that I am working with many long term clients, that have been with me for many years, even decades, and their and all other clients well-being is of utter importance to me. No, nobody will be ignored!

My clients do know that I always answer their emails even if it may take a few days before I do so. Please, remember that I am spending most of my time in my ritual room performing spells and rituals. I am not sitting in front of my computer all day. I answer my emails every few days, and you can rest assured that I answer all. I am answering all emails within 1-3 days, if I have to analyze or re-analyze a case it may even take a couple of days longer. However, rest assured that I am answering each and every email I receive.

The only emails that I do not answer are those that contain profanity, disrespectful content, and threats of any kind.

If you are a client, or ex-client that has not received a response please contact us again to rule out that your email wasn’t accidentally blocked by our spam filter. Please also double check that you have provided a valid email address so that our answer can reach you. If you feel that you have been ignored in any way, or are unhappy with my spell work you may contact us and tell us what is on your mind. I and Miriam will be here to assist you in any way we can.

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3. Did you write the entries in your guest book yourself?

I must say that this is the most ludicrous lie I have ever heard, it is utterly untrue. First of all if that were to be true, my guest book will be filled to the brim with all kind of stories on a daily basis. In fact, people always email me to remind me to update the guest book. As every one knows, my guest book is updated when ever I get a chance. I never once wrote anything in my guest book, I do not have any time for that. All the stories in my guest book were written by actual clients who received positive results by embarking on a highly beneficial spiritual journey with me. All entries in my guest book are true and were written by my completely satisfied clients, this is an absolute fact.

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4. Why is your guest book monitored?

First of all, let me make my self abundantly clear, my guest book is a place where many people get their daily dose of hope, strength, and optimism. A place where people voluntarily share their actual positive spiritual journeys and spell results with those who are in need to hear them or read them for that matter. I need every one to understand and respect the fact that my guest book is a sacred refuge to a lot of troubled and hurt souls. I will not publish negative entries posted by all kind of demented people, and that includes envious competitors who try to sell their products and services right from my guest book. They post negative stories that are untrue and ridiculous. You also have the minors who try to use my guest book like some kind of chat room or a hang out of some sort. I also have the anti witchcraft groups that bombard my guest book with threats and negative entries. Yes, my guest book is screened and only positive entries are published, I will not allow any one to ruin my client’s spiritual journey nor will I subject them to be exposed to true lies or deceiving messages. It is as simple as that. This is the main reason why my guest book is screened and will definitely continue to be screened.

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5. You should not charge for your services. True witches work for free!

Please, appreciate the fact that this is a legitimate tax paying, registered business that employs people. Salaries have to be paid. Bills have to be paid. Merchants and suppliers have to be paid. Postage to be paid. Rents to be paid. Legal bills to be paid. Accounting fees to be paid. Advertising fees to be paid. Webmasters to be paid. City, state and federal taxes to be paid. This is not a charity organization of any kind. Please do not ask me to perform free spells for you. Please do not ask me for a discount. Please do not ask me for installment plans. If you are looking for free spells the internet is full of websites that do offer such a thing. I don’t do that. I do not mean to offend any one but I wish to make this crystal clear to every one. The reason I am saying what I am saying is that the majority of people are misinformed or are under the impression that this is free for all. It is so not the case. If someone tells you other wise, then please, kindly go to them.

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6. I read some negative things about you. Please tell me your side of the story.

Recently it was brought to my attention that there are some ill-willed souls who are publishing false lies about me, and my service on the internet. This is not the first time this has happened nor will I allow it to continue. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, the spiritual world is filled with deceivers, liars, and scam artists that will stop at nothing in order to take your money. Use your common sense and be cautious.

Please, allow me to enlighten you, and shed some luminous light on this matter. I never wanted to address this, I guess that now I have no choice but to break this maze wide open, and reveal the truth behind these machinated false lies…engineered lies put together as a lame smear campaign against me.

You may be wondering, who are these ill-willed souls?

Since the first day I have publicly launched my website in 2001, I have encountered severe competition fueled by hate and pristine jealousy. Before entering the online spiritual marketplace I was unaware of the fact that this industry is filled with mafia-like business practices.

An authentic practitioner helps clients and solves their problems. These people are then off the market and won’t need to buy any further rituals from other practitioners. Fake practitioners do not help their clients and these people then roam from one practitioner to the next. This is the exact cycle the fake practitioners want you to be in, so that they can lead you from one of their websites to the next. As it is getting harder and harder for practitioners to rank in search engines and for you to find them, they are now focusing on the back door. When you work with someone you will google their name. You will most likely find negative reviews about the person and a way to either contact someone or to read some good reviews about someone else. Right there and then you are the prey the fake practitioner was waiting for. And if you are not careful this cycle with repeat itself indefinitely. Be careful of forums, message boards and blogs that are solely designed to expose spell casters. Always assume that their is a very rewarding hidden agenda.

I’ve always been a prominent target, especially since I held many number 1 search engine positions in Google and Yahoo for over 10 years. Now people even use my name as a search term in their advertising campaigns, just so their ads are shown to you when you search for me.

While the Internet is a great tool to find information about services and products one has to be very careful when evaluating those information, especially when it comes to the spiritual realm.

When reading negative reviews about me on the Internet be very careful. I am not saying that there are no legitimate complaints, of course there are, because every professional or business gets a complaint once in a while. But 99% of those reviews were put in place by fake spell casters and evil competitors that try to solicit business that way. The best example is in my answer to the next question.

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7. What was the smear campaign from 2002-2007?

It started by some people impersonating me and my website from 2003 and 2006.

Some fake spell casters will stop at nothing in order to make money, In 2003 a spell scam ring from Argentina, Sweden, Switzerland and South Africa impersonated me on 3 different websites and opened 2 different ebay stores under my name. They copied all my copyrighted text, pictures, descriptions, testimonials, designs, etc. and were claiming to be me. They defrauded hundreds of people that were under the impression they were buying from me.

I had no choice but to unleash my litigators loose on them, these evil people did not know what hit them until they found them selves in a serious legal predicament.

This was the beginning of a heavy, unfair and cowardly smear campaign against me.

Lies were spread about me, fake reviews were postet, the internet was spammed with a spam robot that postet the same lie in hundreds of message boards. I experienced several hacking attempts from them. They tried to alter my clients personal experiences to their own benefit. They impersonated me and my daughter to rebuttal complaints in a very unprofessional way. They launched love spells message boards, spell casting review sites, and websites to publish untrue and false accusations against me AND other legitimate, authentic and professionally operated spell casting services.

I had written a blog at that time to keep my clients informed. Click here to read my old Blog.

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8. Unhappy and Problematic Clients

I do not want to give the impression that I never ever had a legitimate complaint by a client. Once in a while I do get a complaint from a client that believes that they have had a negative experience and I am sure this will happen again in the future. You can look up any business or professional on the Internet and you will most likely find a negative review. This is part of being in business. I always handle these cases professionally and I always find a solution with the complaining client.

Unfortunately it seems not every disappointed client contacts me. I am extremely sorry that their expectations were not met and I wish that they had contacted me to explain their frustration so I could have fixed it. Unfortunately they did not, otherwise we would have found a solution.

Disappointment and Anger is most often caused by the following:   

Kids and Minors

Unfortunately I can’t help kids nor minors. I always decline their cases. These kid’s feelings get hurt when I decline their cases due to the fact that they are not of legal age. For some reason, they don’t seem to understand why their cases were declined even when I tell them so. Some kids as young as 8 years write to me, thinking this is some kind of female Harry Potter. Some even send letters and materials and expect free help from me and then await a talisman in return. When no talismans comes they get mad and bombard me with a barrage of not so nice emails, they eventually go to forums and spread lies out of rejection and anger. They too contribute to spreading false lies about me and my service due to the fact that I have refused to perform spells on their behalf.

Wrong Intentions, No Chance for Success

Sometimes I have to decline cases because I see wrong intentions or no real chance for success. As much as it saddens me to decline a case, I really can’t help when the intentions are not true. I do not want to waste a client’s time nor money on something that has no chance of success. Unfortunately those unintended hurt feelings cause people to spread lies about me because their cases were declined.

Lies and Playing Games

Sometimes a client doesn’t know any better and tries to lie to to me or wants to play games. Yes, I am a very patient person, but I too have my limits.

Please do not confuse my niceness with stupidity. I know so much more than you can imagine.

I am the wrong person you want to lie to or want to play games with. It will only ruin our relationship and ultimately your spell and its results. Clients playing games with me or lying straight to my face have ruined their spell work in the past and then got extremely upset when they were asked to order and pay for a new spell.

Credit Card Fraud

Some of my clients use fraud to acquire my services by using credit cards that do not belong to them. I had no choice but to legally fight back. They too contribute to spreading true lies about me and my service, due to the fact that I have used all and every legal avenue available to me under the law. Any credit card fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. Unfortunately, I was forced to hire a collection agency due to this type of fraud. Some ex clients of mine thought that they can dispute the credit card charges right after they receive their talismans. Not a smart move if you asked me. Their full names and addresses were provided to my collection agency. Some paid in full and moved on with their lives, while others got their names and credit ruined. Their information was submitted to all 3 credit bureaus. These not so decent people also contribute to spreading true lies about me and my service.

Email Consultations

There are sometimes visitors, that have wrong expectations in regard to the Email consultation.

A) The Free Case Analysis with Spell Recommendation is…

Some people expect some kind of psychic reading, counseling, coaching, tarot reading, etc. It is none of it and they are then very upset, that I dare to offer a ritual to them. More…

B) How much consultation, support, etc. if offered after the ritual has been completed.

When a client decides to work with me,  then I will work with the client until he or she has received all the results. This means that I will be often checking the energies of the spell, monitoring the work and ensuring that from a spiritual point of view all is going well. When the client has a question, of course the question will be answered. However, some clients are under the impression that I will fulfill the role of a life counselor in their life, that they can email with many times a day, want advice on every decision (should I wear black or green today?) They get really mad when they don’t get that kind of support of 24/7 access with instant responses. Please understand that I am a witch, a spell caster and practitioner; I am NOT a Life Counselor, Coach, Therapist, Psychic reader, etc. It is impossible to offer that kind of service.

“I am here for you” means that I am here for you and that you can always count on me!  However, please understand that I have many clients that need me just as much as you do and I am doing anything within my powers that you are getting your results. I can’t support you on every decision you have to make in your life.

Calling Someone “Fraud” or “Scam”

What applies to other professions does not seem to apply for spiritual services.

When you go to a Doctor and he prescribes you medication and after a couple of weeks you realize that this medication did not improve your symptoms, do you go on the internet and post entries that the Doctor is a scam or fraud? No, you don’t. You go back to the Doctor explain  your situation and ask him to prescribe you a different medicine.

Or another example… when you hire an attorney to represent you in court you will pay a fee up front regardless of the outcome of the case. When you lose the court case and the attorney does not return the fees that you have paid him do you go on the Internet and claim that the attorney is a fraud? No, you don’t.

Unlike any other profession, when it comes to spiritual help some people assume right away that they were victims of scam or fraud when their wishes do not materialize right away. This way of thinking is very unfair to honest and ethical spell casters, witches and practitioners of magic.

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9. Are there any negative consequences for me using your magic? 

I have also received several E-mails from clients that read things about magic on the internet and were concerned that their spiritual journey would back fire on them or their loved ones. This is true when you use any sort of magic even if it is white magic, if the practitioner you hire does not know what he or she is doing, lacks the experience and the know how, then those negative energies can be unleashed on you and there for turn your life upside down in a devastating fashion. Know who you are giving your personal problems to, stay away from dabblers and half baked spell makers. They can permanently ruin your life, your spiritual path and aura. You will end up with more problems than you’ve started up with. Spiritual matters are serious endeavors that should not be taken lightly. Use your judgment and common sense before you hire an inexperienced or a neophyte white magic practitioner.

At any rate, if you use black magic such as Voodoo, etc. These types of spiritual practices can be extremely ominous to you, and your loved ones. The same applies to inexperienced or neophyte white magic practitioner. Steer completely clear off these kind of practices. Some clients reported that right after their spells were cast, their lives turned upside down in every aspect of the way. Everything went from good to worst in a domino affected series of bad events where each problem led to another. Be aware, be very aware. Black magic of all sorts can bring nightmares to your reality. If you have ever used any spells related to black magic and the practices I have mentioned above? For the love of god, I strongly and highly recommend that you get your selves immediate spiritual assistance that will cleans your soul and spiritual path from all these evil energies that are now in you and all over you.

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