Sometimes I receive emails from people asking me if I am real and that they do not believe that any real witches or spell casters do exist.

It’s completely understandable because many people see movies about witches, spell casters and about spells, only to think that these must be fictional creatures.

After all, a person can’t be that powerful, that magical in nature, can they?  But the truth is that real witches and spell casters do exist and they’re not always wearing pointy hats and long black cloaks.  In fact, you may already know a real witch and it might not be obvious. It’s not in the clothes a witch wears, but in the powers he or she has to affect change in the world.

The Truth about Witches and Spell Casters

A real witch is someone who has developed a power or was born with a gift to change the energy of the world around themselves. Whether this power is innate, a natural gift, or something they have developed over time, a real witch is someone who knows what to do in order to make something happen.  They use ritual, spells, or other tools to help them affect change.  And no matter how they use their power to create a difference, they can still be no different than anyone else on the surface.

More about Real Witches and Practitioners

Why Witches and Spell Casters Remain Hidden

However, the world is not as accepting of the idea that real witches exist, so they are often hidden from sight – by choice.  They realize that some people will not understand their powers and that they need to keep their identities a secret.  And as a result, you might not know who is a witch and who is not.  But just as spells need to have silence and secrecy in order to work, this secrecy among real witches can help to enhance their power.

So even if you’re not sure if you know a real witch or spell caster, you can be assured that real witches do exist.  And real witches can help you to cast a spell that brings love into your life once more.

I hope this answers some of your questions you may have in regards to spell casters and witches.

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