When you think of witchcraft, you may have a certain image in your mind.  There is not just one type of witchcraft, including those who practice Wicca.  Most witchcraft you’ll see however is very positively oriented and it can be said that all witchcraft believes in the creed of not harming anyone in the practice of witchcraft.  There is really no such thing as a “white witch” or a “black witch”.  What comes out of a spell depends on the spell that is spoken.

There are many forms of witchcraft, some questionable, some negative, and then there are some that are positive and focus more on connecting with natural elements in the world, avoiding bringing in unfamiliar and sometimes unwelcome elements.

Witchcraft is similar to but not the same as practices that also believe in rituals and spells.  Let’s take a look at some of these other practices to see how they are the same and how they differ from witchcraft.

Egyptian Witchcraft

Egyptian magic, the mother of all magical practices, is a form of magic practiced since ancient Egyptian times.  It involves the use of elaborate ceremonies, magical spells, formulas for magical work, and amulets—similar to the practice of magic in the US but with different things that are important to it.  The talismans are different, the spells are different and the rituals and ceremonies are different.  Magic shaped their view of the world like a religion shapes our views and magic has become somewhat of a religion in Egyptian magic.  It is believed that practitioners of Heka have practiced the religion since the prehistoric times.  They believe that the entire earth, including the sky and underworld, have both visible and invisible beings in them and these beings can be unfriendly or friendly to us.  The object of Egyptian magic is to have pre-eminence over these beings.  In many ways, it is both similar to and different  from the witchcraft we know in the US. Egyptian Witchcraft is one of the oldest but also one of the most effective and potent form of witchcraft available to mankind.

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Obeah Magic

For example, there is the practice of Obeah or “Obi”.  It is a type of folk magic practiced in the West Indies, with origins in the Central and Western African areas. Like witchcraft, it can have dark or good purposes.  There is a strong belief in the use of luck and charms along with an element of mysticism in this practice.  Its origin in the Western world came from the slave trade from Africa to the area near Jamaica.  It is related to Voodoo in some areas.  The myths are related to ancient African folklore with some European folklore thrown in.

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Santeria Magic

Santeria is considered a syncretic religion based on beliefs coming out of the Caribbean and West Africa.  It has priests that are called babalorishas and priestesses that are called iyalorishas.  There are various levels of the priesthood associated with this religion.  The religion evolved from the West African slave trade and is primarily practiced in the Caribbean.  They believe in the ability to create a trance state in which you can communicate with your ancestors.  They practice animal sacrifice and sacred drumming practices.  Approximately 20,000 people practice Santeria in the US.

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Voodoo enjoys a higher degree of practitioners than those who practice Santeria.  It is an old religion practiced primarily in the Caribbean and Southern USA.  It mixes Catholicism and Western African beliefs and uses things like talismans, dolls and other items to make things happen or to protect oneself from something.  It incorporates the use of voodoo priests and priestesses.  Like witchcraft, voodoo incorporates the idea of using the power of the Universe.  The saints of Catholicism are used as part of this religion.

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Moon Magick

Moon magick practitioners worship the moon and believe we are governed in part because of it.  Like witchcraft, it uses spells that are related to the phases of the moon but they are more serious about it than regular practitioners of magic.  The moon is seen to have a strong pull on the forces of the earth and therefore on everything that happens on the earth.   To practitioners of moon magick, the moon is considered the most important heavenly body and it should impact the performance of spells the most out of all things.  The moon is considered a female entity that governs all things female, including the menstrual cycle.  It is mostly women who practice this form of magick.

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There is nothing about Wicca that should be negative as it involves various female and male gods of the elements such as water, earth, fire, and air. Casting Wicca Magic Spells will, of course, involve the use of several amulets or talismans based on these gods and the elements.

Wicca magic spells are not quite like regular spells. Nothing is materializing from thin air, in fact, Wicca magic spells are more like requests to the gods for things you may need. Many of these spells can be quite simple such as landing a job or gig, or finding prosperity. Most of these spells are permanent as well. Once they are cast, it is believed that the gods will grant your specific request if they find that you are honoring them well as well as performing the necessary ritual informing them of your devotion and requests.

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