Before you learn about santeria spells you may want to know a few things about the belief and its practices. Santeria is a combination of religious beliefs similar to the traditional African religion of Voodoo. Santeria has its origins in Cuba and Brazil and widely practiced in both countries. The religion combines worship of catholic saints with the traditional Yoruba faith. Yoruba is a community from West Africa, based in southwest Nigeria who worship Orishas, who are spiritual beings that are manifestations of the main god, Olofi.

Santeria is a powerful form of white magic that helped African slaves through difficult times. The faith also has a strong Caribbean influence. Santeria spells are believed to produce results more quickly and are cast for love, protection, wealth, and career prospects. One of the most powerful tools in Santeria is the drums. Santeria spells have been traditionally passed down for centuries with every ritual being unique. The power of these spells works on different levels and can dominate a person’s thoughts and actions in the right direction. So whether it is love, money, or protection, you can fulfill your dreams with a Santeria spell. Most importantly, it is safe magic that won’t harm you or your loved ones and never bring any negative or bad energies to anyone involved.

The Benefits of Santeria Spells

Santeria is strongly influenced and associated with the spirits of Nature that can be invoked during a spell.  While the spells are powerful, you can embark on a spiritual journey and a unique experience of santerian beliefs without harming anyone around you. Santeria love spells have the power to bring back your lover and is among the most cast spells. It is important to consult a spell caster that has strong knowledge of Santeria and can invoke the right spirits for the purpose of your spell. A spell could work within a couple of days to 4 months, depending on the type of spell. If you are curious about how long a Santeria spell can last, it all depends on your desires, and what you really want. Santeria spells require the intervention of the Orishas which helps to create a clear path for your spell. At the next level the spell begins to work on whom the spell is cast, manifesting in his or her mind the desires of the spell caster. So if your lover has gone astray a Santeria spell is powerful enough to bring him or her back and ensure a long lasting and faithful relationship.

Spells cannot be taken lightly. You can cast them only if you are sure about your goals and objectives. If there is something that you sincerely need back in your life and haven’t tasted success through other sources, spells are just what you need. Use them to restore happiness, harmony, love, peace, and success in your life. There is no doubt that you will be amazed at the power of my spells and the breakthrough you can get in your personal life.

The History of Santeria Love Magic

Santeria is one of the many religious traditions of the world which has love magic amongst its practices.  Santeria is a religion with a slightly complex history.  It is a rather new religion, having been founded just 500 years ago, in 1515.  It comes from West Africa, from the Yoruba tribe.  That isn’t where it stayed.  Santeria relocated together with its people.  This occurred because much of the Yoruba tribe was attacked and enslaved by others and forced to move.  First they moved to Nigeria, where there are still some relatives in the South of that country.  That’s not where the story ends.  There were further attacks from other groups of people and that caused the Yoruba to again suffer defeat and capture and forced relocation.  This time they were enslaved and shipped all the way to the Caribbean islands.  There, they were officially converted to Catholicism.  Unofficially, they did not all convert.  There were many who also learned to blend the two streams of religious influence together.  The result was an altered form of Santeria.  Some of the practices were kept as a closely guarded secret whilst others were not.

They have a number of spells and a complete belief system.  There are special people who provide services to the community such as casting spells to ward off illness, to cure sicknesses, to help in matters of the heart and more.  These people can cast love spells.

Santeria love spells may involve a lot of domination.  This can be good or bad, depending upon the circumstances and those involved.  These spells are not necessarily recommended for someone to do on their own.  Santeria is very unlike Wicca in that, in Santeria it is normal to go to the village spell caster.  The culture is similar with Voodoo, but most Wiccans live in a culture where the dominant culture does not support the practice of magic and the use of alternative healers and spell casters is still more of an ‘underground movement’ than standard practice.

People are advised to work with the culture and religion with which they are the most familiar or drawn to.  If the tradition would suggest that the individual make and use their own love spell then he or she should do this.  If the tradition would advise going to an experienced professional of the spell casting type, then that is probably what should be done.  If you do not know someone who does that type of Santeria spell, it might not be the way to go.  Consider the alternatives and seek to use only a spell caster who has a good reputation amongst people who you trust or who you have an extremely good feeling about.  There is one caveat here: vampires are very charismatic.  In other words – there are cases where you could get a great feeling about someone even though in reality you should not trust that person.  Normally, your intuitions will be correct, so there’s no need to ‘paranoid’.

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