Moon Magic and Moon Phases

There are many magical practices that are based upon the phases and activity of the moon and, in fact, there is magic in which the phases of the moon are paramount in the practice of the moon magic. Practitioner of this practice cast moon magic spells, including moon magic love spells, which depend on the power of different moon phases. Not all forms of magic consider the moon essential to their spell workings. In Egyptian Magic the Moon Phases...

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Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

All the great civilizations of the world are the treasure-trove of priceless mythological characters, immortal gods and goddesses. Ancient Egypt is no different from any other ancient civilizations like Greece, Sumerian, Rome, India and China; a great civilization like Egypt has its own set of great gods and goddesses that virtually controlled every aspects of daily life of ordinary people. Egyptian gods were so special that even the pharaohs...

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The God: Horus

Also called Hor, Heru and Her. Horus is a legendary falcon-headed god of ancient Egypt. Horus is also probably one of the most important and highly revered gods of the entire Egyptian kingdom; early Egyptians believed that the mighty pharaohs represented the earthly form of the god Horus. The entire history of Egypt is replete with incidences of great kings and pharaohs, taking the name of Horus as one of their own names. The close of...

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The Goddess: Hathor

A wild horned cow goddess of eternal love, Hathor also signified happiness and glad tidings throughout the Egyptian kingdom. She was also the god of happiness and good tidings, apart from acting as the custodian of women, dance and music. In the early images and paintings available in the texts, she wears the head of the cow or also as a woman wearing the wild horns of the cow. He also represented things like papyrus reeds, the snakes and a...

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The Eye of Horus – Wadjet

The Eye of Ra or the Eye of Horus is the most famous symbol of entire Egyptian kingdom right from the Old civilization to the Modern Age. Also known as Udjat, Wedjet and Wadjet, it is the most trusted symbol of protection and great Royal power. This symbol is the sole possession of well-known deities of Horus and Ra. In simple words, it known as: The Eye of God, the Eye of Ra o, the Eye of Horus. Jump to the Amulet of Eye of Horus History of...

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Ancient Egyptian Amulets and their Meanings

Amulets were very popular in ancient Egypt and were worn by the living or buried with the dead. The word “amulet” has its roots in the Arabic language and it means “to bear” or “to carry”, however, the common word for “amulet” in the dynastic period was mk-t, which means protector. In simple words, an amulet is an object that is created for a specific purpose and can be carried on the body or worn in special places on the body like...

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Amulet of the Soul

The Amulet of the Soul was used to enable the soul to unite with the mummified body and for the soul to remain with the body of the deceased. It acted as a medium between the body and the spirit (khi) The Amulet of the Soul is created of gold that is inlaid with precious stones in the form of human-headed hawk wearing a beard. Once the words of the LXXXIXth Chapter of the Book of the Dead had been recited over it, it was placed over the breast...

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Egyptian Zodiac Signs

Though the ancient Egyptians had a tremendous knowledge of the twelve zodiac signs, they did not actually invent them; it is a popular belief that the zodiac signs go to the credit of ancient Babylonians, while Egyptians leaned the signs from the Greeks during the famed Ptolemaic period. Egyptians differentiated their zodiacal system, by assigning them different shapes than the ones commonly used today. Ancient Egyptian Astrology In a classical...

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The Practice of Heka and Egyptian Magic

The magical power of Egypt was the sole prerogative of royalty and royal priests; however, some mean elements did use the magical powers for ill-gotten gains and wealth. The world of magic had a pragmatic approach and the principles applied to achieve the main goals of human, spirits, dead and gods. Just consider the magnificent feats of the following gods: Ptah: Creation of the world Amon: Self Fertilization Khnum: Shaping of men and women by...

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Introduction to Heka

The magical word of Heka could mean several meanings to many people. Each of these meanings also signifies many faces of complex Egyptian magic and the occult. Heka seems to be the divine gift of the sun god Re in an honor to the humankind. It is a clear manifestation of the great and creative energy as a representation of Re’s soul. He empowered men to express gratitude for the sun god’s creation of the universe and this was possible only by...

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