It is so unbelievable that everything worked out exactly the way I wished for. He called me 3 days after I received the Talisman, we met for lunch and everything else is history.

The circumstances that led to our break up in the first place were so complex and difficult that we did not talk for over a year. I initiated contact on several occasions but he never responded back and even hung up the phone on me.

I do not know how you were able to change his mind but he is so lovely and understanding and does not dwell on the past. It is all about the future now… our future… and he talks about marriage, children, vacations and where we should live together.

Your Cleopatra Spell is the only spell that ever worked for me. I’ve tried many spells from other spell casters before. They were much cheaper and I can only assume that true spell work has it’s price because the results are so so so so worth it.

Thank you Aisha!

Nes, Singapore

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